Las Vegas shooting

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  1. This is a super interesting read:

    The sociological explanation for why men in America turn to gun violence
    Social psychologists have a theory referred as “social identity threat” that has been studied across a wide range of contexts. The idea is pretty simple. Research demonstrates that if people feel that a part of their identity that they hold dear is being called into question, they are likely to respond with an exaggerated display of qualities associated with that identity.

    Applied to gender, social scientists refer to this issue as “masculinity threat.” Men who have their masculinity called into question (or “threatened” to use the social psychological language) react in patterned ways. Research shows that they are more supportive of violence, less likely to accurately identify sexual coercion as such, and more likely to support statements about the inherent superiority of males, among other responses.

    Research has also shown that men whose masculinity has been threatened are more likely to identify as Republican, supported sexually prejudiced statements about gay men, and more supportive of war as a solution to national disputes.

    Geez. I noticed in several topics that ETB4U seems a little bit obsessed with people identifying themselves with different genders other than male and female. I'm not saying anything, but I'll say don't get close to guns bro.

  2. The [insert field of science] explanation for why men in [insert location] turn to [insert type of violence]. Or why 98% of mass anything cunty among humans anywhere is caused by males.

    Here's the short answer:


    ETB4U is from Texas so I think he has already been rather *cough* intimate with guns. I come from a very different background than he does, and unsurprisingly we have some fundamental disagreements about several issues. Despite finding several of his arguments about gun policy rather unsound (I especially don't think that comparisons between United States and something like Honduras are helpful at all, unless the United States aspires to become something like Honduras when it comes to security and state institutions), I think that he's rather a reasonable fellow, and above all, not a c*nt. I do emphatize with your frustration about gun policy because it's your countrymen who are being shot, but your hostility towards the person of ETB4U is almost bordering on the level of unwarranted.
  3. With non-factual reporting by you.
  4. Why wouldn't I get close to guns? Because HuffPo and HelloGiggles told you to cower in your safe space because scary straight white males with guns are out to get you?
    Gun violence has been around much longer than this gender pretend game the neo-libs started has. And I've owned a short stock AR-15 and have only been on 2 or 3 killing sprees and committed suicide thrice.

    The point of that was to show simply having guns doesn't make a country violent like some certain simple minded naive lib-tard-cuck-commies. As you and others mentioned, it's simplistic to just blame guns. Plenty of Yuropes have guns and straight white males but don't have as much gun violence.
    Most of Yurope doesn't have over 1 million gang members either.
  5. does this point even need to be made
    nobody thinks guns alone are the problem, but adding guns to the mix we already have in the US is

    at least try to understand the oppositions points
  6. Sick Boy seems to think giving a gun to a cis straight white male makes you a killer.

    He's also the one who thinks gun regs would have stopped this guy from killing a bunch of people. Even Feinstein agrees with me.
  7. lizardmech hasnt said whether or not he thinks this was a false flag but I think he will because of the sources hes used in the past. I kind of want to get into the multiple shooter theories being 'proven' by instagram videos.

    with gunfire like this, over long distances, over concrete and glass buildings you would certainly hear three distinct sounds that could be mistaken for gunfire. The initial shot, the supersonic crack, and the impact and any ricochets, Correct? all that would happen at different rates depending on how far the shot traveled/where it hit

    someone with more gun experience than me tell me

    or tell me there was definitely another shooter that the police and paramedics are lying about to protect ISIS or whatever
  8. That's exactly what I said! That we need to ban guns for this group, and that people of colour or transexuals will be only ones armed! Precisely, literally, what I said!
  9. Well Isis was created by Obama and Hillary so no wonder the liberal media is protecting them

    If you really really think about it it all makes sense
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  10. i guess i never really really thought about it
  11. Stay woke.
  12. So we may never know what his motive was? How frustrating. I would've watched the movie, but that means they can't really make one.
  13. Illuminati. ISIS. Bush. Russia. Disney.
  14. Don't forget the Jews. Or maybe the Jews are to blame for all of the above. Wink.
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  15. well its early still but apparently he was on prescription drugs
    a benzodiazepines

    "A 2015 study published in World Psychiatry of 960 Finnish adults and teens convicted of homicide showed that their odds of killing were 45 percent higher during time periods when they were on benzodiazepines."

    ive heard stories that in some segment of the population they cause people to fantasize about killing people
    an anecdote I heard was about an otherwise normal woman who ended up checking herself into a mental health facility because she could not stop thinking about killing a lot of people

    weird stuff, dont know how serious/widespread/real it is but there is definitely a ton of things that are poorly understood about behavioral psychology and the effects of these types of drugs

    maybe hes a psychopath like his dad (he seemed like an asshole and had a weird childhood)
    maybe he had a tumor like the texas tower guy
    maybe hes a typical ciswhite male who touched a gun
  16. Shit! That's the answer. He obviously took diazepam because he is an avid Metal Gear fan. He knew it would help steady him while killing. Once again, video games are making killers out of our children.
    He didn't have his girlfriend call him Big Boss to be kinky.
  17. I have a prescription for diazepam

    I'm also a Finnish adult
  18. It all makes sense now.
  19. were you one of the 45% that murdered on the drug or the 55% that murdered off

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