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  1. Will this car be limited in the states?
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    I read that because of the tires, the car would be limited to something like 217 mph everywhere. If the owner wishes, special tires (rated for the speed this car can attain) will be fitted and the limiter will be removed.
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    A limiter on a 1001 Hp car at least theyr not limiting it at 155.5 MPH . . . . . just kiding.
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    It probably will be limited, everything is limited in the US. I really don't think any tires can handle 252 and still be able to drive to the grocery store (or anywhere on a normal street at normal speeds).
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    How would it be limited.What speed.
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    217 mph. Like I posted earlier. I'm still looking for the article I read it in.
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    I had to quote you on this because of your ignorance. The tires are also custom made. Heres the facts straight from the companys mouth...
    Wheels and Tires

    New tire system and double-spoke wheels

    The development team has also modified the wheels and tires to match the performance of what will be the fastest production car in the world from 2003 on. The new alloy wheels have been designed to ensure optimum brake-system ventilation. They are of forged double-spoke pattern, 20 inches in diameter; the two sets of six spokes are offset in relation to one another.

    The Michelin tires on the Bugatti EB 16-4 Veyron have been specially developed for this car, and are of a quite new type, suitable for speeds in the region of 400 kilometers an hour. The front tire size is 245-690 R 520 A; at the rear tires with the unusual size of 335-710 R 540 A are fitted. With its 'Pax' system, Michelin has set new standards in the handling, ride quality and run-flat characteristics of high-speed tires.

    Car can still be driven even if all the air has been lost from the tires

    The "Michelin Pax System" included continuous tire pressure monitoring and has excellent run-flat properties: even with all the air lost from the tire, the Bugatti can continue the journey for up to 200 kilometers at speeds up to 80 km/h and without the handling becoming unsafe. BUGATTI and Michelin will provide a worldwide support service for these tires.
    perfect tires for high speeds
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    Dickhead, there are two different tires mentioned in that, the second part is about the run flats for the limited version, the first is for the version that isnt limited.
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    how the hell did Ronaldo get banned after 10 posts???
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    He always gets banned.
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    I'm pretty sure it was somewhere in Europe (probably France) that set the "safe" topspeed and made everyone put limiters on. Theres no law about it in the U.S. You can take your MB SL55 AMG to a dealer and get the limiter removed.
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    arent they run-punctured tyres?
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    didn't some1 say that they run punctured at 80kph, for 2 hours?
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    Yes, but they are called run-flats.
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    ok, but why are the called run-flats, when they run punctured, as most cars now days can run with flat tyres anyway?
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    i dont know
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    Most cars still have spares and regular tires. The only cars that come with run-flats are those where trunk space was a major concern such as the C5 Corvette. Most owners have replaced their run-flats with normal tires due to the fact that the run-flats produce less grip, are noisier, and have a harsher ride than performance tires. These owners live with the fact that if they blow a tire, they'll just have to call a tow truck. Small price to pay if you own such a car.
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    got it <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    How's that? You're very foolish I think so, cause if a tire can handle 400kph, then it can handle any speed lower. It's very obvious, and I don't think any owner would use this just to drive to the grocery store or sumthin..
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    very true, tyres designed for handling a car at 400kph, are surely gonna handle it at 50kph!
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    Your wrong.

    The fact is, the run-flats "cant" handle 400kph, special tires have to be fitted for that.

    And, the real version of the Veyron wont reach 400kph anyways now, because it is being detuned to about 650hp and will have a limiter.

    Byt you can order the Veyron without the limiter, and wothout the run-flats, so in theory, you could go 400kph.
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    i hate limiters!
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    i feel your pain..
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    ARRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The PAIN!!!!!!!

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