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  1. $82,000. USD without tax or shipping with trade of the old motor or labour. however I'm not sure if he'll be able to trade the old motor if its unrebuildable. in that case it could easily cost over 1 million if I have to buy the motor part by part.
  2. Sad.
    One more idling session in garage for my bike, before I get to take her out. I kinda understand the owner, its sweet to listen the motor running. But then Ive never revved more than 1/2 of revrange and even to that only after thorough warmup.
  3. unfortunately this costomer is one that has a clause in contract that we don't photograph the car without his knowledge or concent. I'll try but I don't know if he'll want anyone to know it was him that did something this stupid.
  4. crazy! Thats nearly on par with a F40 right?
  5. I've never had to order a complete F40 engine. I'll assume that Ferrari would be a tad bit more expensive.
  6. I'll back your ass up into a wood chipper.
  7. wow, i never thought owning a supercar would be that expensive.

    Whats the rarest car you've ever worked on?
  8. Jaguar XKSS (refitted to D type specs in the 1970's) or a Ferrari 250 GTO.
  9. theres going to be a very large man by the name of Guido showing up at your house tonight in about 2 hours.
  10. 250? DAMN!!!

  11. it was only an oil change and a complete fluke that I got to do it but it still counts damn it.
  12. If you're gonna edit my post for HIGHlarity, don't delete it. It's funnier that way.
  13. Damn straight its a #$%#ing 250!

    are italian cars a #%[email protected] to work on at all?

    Also, whats your personal favourite car to work on?

  14. Its a Volvo 242!
  15. I find some italian cars are a #%[email protected] to work on. although I prefer them to anything japanese. my favorite cars to work on are either older british cars (Jags, MGs, Triumphs etc) or Porsches.
  16. holy shit. worst thing ever
  19. takepics?
  20. who the #$%# revs its engine that high in his garage ?? When i rev mine to listen to the note it usually rev up to 4k..

  21. What's the engine gonna cost?
  22. read the #$%#ing thread, shithead. 82k, if he can trade the old one in.

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