Man Crushed when Hydros on his '84 Caddy failed

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    Since reckless/stupid/drunk driving aren't enough ways to get killed/hurt by your pimped whip, minorities all over America are discovering new and creative methods to die at the hands of your car. First Ghost Riding, now this...

    Braddock Man Crushed By Car After Hydraulics Fail

    Monday, November 10, 2008 – updated: 1:10 pm EST November 10, 2008
    PITTSBURGH -- A 32-year-old Braddock man is fighting for his life after getting pinned beneath his own car in Homestead Sunday night.

    According to police, the incident occurred around 2:30 a.m. on East 8th Avenue and Dickson Street.

    Authorities said that the man was having car trouble with his ’84 Cadillac, which had been customized with hydraulics that make the car rock up and down.

    Apparently the man used the car’s hydraulic system to raise the front end of his car in order to reach the car’s starter when the car fell and crushed his chest, authorities said.

    The man was rushed to UPMC where he is in critical condition.

    Police said the ’84 Cadillac was impounded as evidence.


    PS I found this while looking up the origins of putting Hydros on a car (for the purpose of stuntin'). I couldn't find anything though. Anyone know anything about this?
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  5. hydro? i thought this was going to be something about some dude actually getting killed by (high-end, id assume) pot.
  6. he probably caused them to fail...
  7. Yeah that's a pretty bad idea. Those cylinders are notorious for leaks. Especially on half assed installs.
  8. They called him boss.
  9. laughed out loud
  10. I was at a car auction and some loser tried to sell his hhydraulics-equipped oldsmobile. He said he had put $30k in it. Everyone laughed at him.
  11. hydraulics now waiting to be banned.
  12. It happened in American not Australia
  13. why?
  14. Why not. I was looking for Mozilla add on's and found this.
  15. Oregon is already working on it!
  16. nobody told this genius to place a safety jack in there in case the hydraulic failed? You always place something as a backup in case the first jack/prop fails. I thought that was common sense.
  17. hydraulics is one accessory i could see go without a single headlight covers..
  18. oh hydraulics, and I thought you meant the ones for valve timing
  19. haha
  20. I'd never get under a car, relying on the hydraulics alone. But, I have changed a set of tires/wheels, while 3 wheeling the car on juice <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

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