Martian Le Mans ?

Discussion in '2002 Ferrari 360 GT' started by Lee Iacocca, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Take a frontal pic and you'll see how it looks like an alien !!!<!-- Signature -->
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    american cars are not the greatest...i hate mustangs but im not here to argue...this car is cool and it looks to be a future store sell out.
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    Bravo, hai ragione.
    Forza Italia.
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    I really don't understand people like you. A person comes in here, makes a civilized and non-offensive comment, and you immediately attack his preference of American cars. You said you weren't trying to start an argument, but in reality, you really were. He said nothing at all about his preferences, and made no hints that he disliked any other opinions. I don't understand why people can't see past their own ignorant prejudices, and actually take into consideration the car, not the country it is from.
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    The best way to consider a car is to do so without thinking of the badge on the front....

    And no-one can form a proper judgement without DRIVING the car, as specs and info don't tell you anything about how a car DRIVES.
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    Actually with a car like this, no one here will ever drive it, so making a judgement from race success and stats isn't the end of the world.
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    so sorry...
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    I think you guys are right when saying you shouldn't judge a car by its badge, but in some cases yes: a car carrying a Ferrari or Lamborghini badge is undoubtedly better than one carrying a Dodge badge, without even looking at the car.
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    You go from saying no one should be biased, to making a completely biased statement. Amazing.
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    He merely stated a FACT not a"Biased" statement.Ferrari is better than Dodge and if you don't know that then that's just sad.
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    Depends on your definition of 'better'. Mechanical reliability? Fuel efficiency? affordability? Dodge is much better in those above categories (with the exception of the Viper for fuel efficiency). If you mean higher build quality (while still low for an exotic) or higher performance, than yeah they are.

    2 different companies fulfilling 2 seperate purposes, how could you possibly say one is better? Do you see Ferrari making economy cars? Or how about Dodge making high end exotics? Exactly. Try comparing things that are actually similar.
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    American cars are the scourge of the earth. An epidemic that is sweeping across the planet, claiming new victims every day. Volvo, Mazda, Jaguar and countless other marques have been tainted by this Axis of Evil. My teacher is about to come by. I bid thee farewell. European Cars Forever
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    Yea the front on the Ferrari GT definatly look weird.
  15. Looks amazing to me.

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