maserati tc

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 944turb0, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. based on a current sebring is the worst automotive thought possible fyi
  2. how unbanned you? uggggh
  3. I thought you were ded.

    i saw a convertible in town a couple of months ago

  5. I kinda like, but not as much as the 300M
  6. that generation ofcars looked so good
  7. Boxxy sux.
  8. good if you like shit lookin cars. i got boners over cab fowards too only i was like 12 and it was like 1998. now they look like utter shit
  9. i was 12
  10. your mom was 12
  11. ugh they sell those there? im so sorry
  12. we get shit like the dodge avenger as well. UGH
  13. At least no one seems very eager to purchase one of these
  14. you have to be pretty #$%#ing stupid even here if you get one. all the people driving them here are those fat #$%#tards that go pay to watch Epic Movie.
  15. I'd fvk you avatar.
  16. it, along with the Aspen are the worst cars in current production
  17. Holy jeezus is the Sebring ugly. Its like Chrysler wanted to top the PT cruiser in ugliness.
  18. the old ones are nice, like from 2001.

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