Mclaren BP-23 reveals its real name

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  1. McLaren’s next hypercar, code-named BP23 until now, will be called the Speedtail.

    Due to be revealed later this year, the model is the spiritual successor to the F1, which was launched in 1993.

    McLaren said the name is “evocative of a peak speed higher than any McLaren yet and sinuous, highly streamlined design”. The Woking-based car maker hasn’t confirmed exactly how fast the Speedtail will go, but said it will exceed the 243mph of the F1. It also said that it will be “the most luxurious” McLaren so far.

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  2. Shmee explains

  3. No it's not. And schmee doesnt know shit.
  4. This is one of those names that's so bad it's good.

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