Mercedes C-Coupe

Discussion in '2002 Rinspeed Presto Concept' started by DasBoot, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. What the hell ....this is a C-Coupe in some f'd up disguse!
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    You are a dumbass!<!-- Signature -->
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    that does look like the c coupe especially lights. the 2002 mercedes C-coupe kompressor. its on this website.
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    What in the world happened? It looks like a C-Class alright, only it looks kind of cartoony, when the car is taller than it is wide. Those are almost the exact same front and rear lights, even the rims.<!-- Signature -->
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    Look under the headlights where the fog lamps should be... it looks as if there is exaust pipes coming out the front! I realize this is unlikely since fumes would asfixiate the passengers while driving.
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    i dont care wat it looks like to u to me its a green peice of shit
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    Yes, because Rinspeed works with Mercedes. This telescopic prototype is based on SMART and Mercedes parts (both from Daimler-Chrysler).
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    Whoa, really! Thats makes it look cool though! I hope they're fake though.
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    lol, nice choice of words.

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