Most bachelor thing you've ever done

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 84FordMan, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. A few examples from to get it going:

    - "Hungover girl woke up in my bed and came out to find me eating cereal naked on the couch. Her look of 'what am I doing with my life?' wasn't much of a disguise for her faux-polite 'Well, I've gotta go, I've got...' cut off by my uncaring 'yeah.' I've never felt more like a disgusting pig. It was awesome."

    - "I've wiped my wet/dirty hands off on dogs before."

    - "I once took a shit while eating a sandwich."
  2. I have thousands of posts on an internet forum.
  3. I've read the frontpage of SomethingAwful.
  4. I'm reading through the somethingawful archives.
  5. When I feel lazy, I'll buy a rotisserie chicken at Kroger's, and then spend 3-4 days combining it with other foods in my meals.
  6. sniffing the crotch of my boxers to see if they're wearable just once more
    throwing trash into the corner of my room like there was a trash can there and letting it pile up for almost 3 months
    waking up on a sunday, drinking beer before i ate breakfast, drinking all day with my roommates and just leaving 40-50 cans there until next sunday, wiping the cans into a trash bag and repeating the process
  7. Can't beat pre-breakfast beers. Especially when breakfast is just more beer. Drinking away the comedown is awesome.
  8. This one time, I accidentally the whole thing.
  9. Pee in the shower

    Not because i was showering. I just felt like it.
  10. If I go to piss and see a shitstain in the bowl, I pee on it to clean it up.
  11. WHY

  12. I enjoyed this.
  13. Wow you bachelor you!
  14. Blast it with piss.
  15. Went to a brothel.
  16. My old roommate RYAN WADE was a complete asshole, and would even steal my shit. So one time I took a deep red shirt out of his closet and made love to a woman who was menstruating on it. I hung it back up, it dried, and noticed him wearing it several months later. There was only slight discoloration, but I really enjoyed it. I bet RYAN WADE still wears that shirt.
  17. I pissed into a vitamin water bottle a few times.
  18. making mac and cheese with hot dogs on the intake manifold of a Nissan Z.
  19. Did it turn out well?
  20. i just leave a huge bag of cat food on its side so that the cat can feed himself whenever he wants until the bag is empty
  21. This is how we roll
  22. the mac and cheese went perfectly. however I probably could have cleaned the intake manifold a bit better for the hot dogs. nothing quite like the slight taste of motor oil.
  23. Greases up the intestine for a quick release.
  24. Scratching my ass.
  25. from this I guess you've made this mistake as well.

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