most memorable thing youve done when drunk?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by oramac2, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. woah more details
  2. I ruined my white blazer, got carried home and puked all the way home and all the next day?
  3. you were pole dancing and didn't do any stripping?

  4. it's not my job.
  5. if you're going to do it, you may as well go the whole hog
  6. doing a 45 year old busdriver and a 41 year old sandwich artist and getting the clap.
  7. that`s what got your dad in trouble and he ended up with you!

  8. you were drinking smirnoff ice?

    im disappointed
  9. Hangin' out in my buddy's car at closing time. Since we couldn't go back into the bar, I went behind a dumpster to piss. Apparently the bar has a security camera mounted on a lightpole in one corner of the parking lot and the whole bar saw me do it. Bartender came out mid-piss and busted me, asked me what I was doin', told me not to do it again. Waited for him to go back inside, went around the other side of the building, and pissed there with no problem.
  10. Then there was the time me and my buddy J were coming back from his friend Melissa's place after hanging out and drinking with her all night. Got close to his part of town, when I had to piss pretty bad. I, to this day, cannot remember what I drank that night, but I know it wasn't beer. J managed to find a Budget Rent-A-Truck lot that had closed for the night. He pulled over, and I ducked into the lot, found a truck to piss on and did it. How I got away with that, I dunno.
  11. something I wish I could forget.

    obvious answer?
  12. I've done that, except instead of everyone seeing me because of a security camera, it was more like I was only hidden in one direction and being a completely obliterated as I was, it didn't occur to me.

    I also was too drunk to balance properly so I decided the whole process would be much easier if I just took my pants and underwear entirely off.

    The underwear was never recovered.
  13. hows come we haven't seen more of your private parts? you're obviously not a shy girl!
  14. that's clearly a mickey of smirnoff vodka i was chugging.

    never again.
  15. #$%#ed my friends girl and some other girl i dont know at the same time
  16. lies
  17. 96 Supra Owner's and The Charger Guy's IPs match.

    Just thought I'd ruin the fun as soon as possible.

    They're both harka anyway.
  18. ban request
  19. chuff

    I'll wait and see if this ends up being funny (probably not) before I ban (probably will).

  20. lol.

    so pathetic.
  21. haha what a #$%#ing loser

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