most over-rated car ever?

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by ajzahn, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. How can you retards vote for the F1? It's still the pinnacle of supercars.
  3. i agree
  4. The F1 is one of the greatest cars of all time, but it isn't a deity.
  5. What? It's an old shitty BMW equivalent to todays Honda Civic, yet people are constantly drooling over it.

    POS and over rated.
  6. No, it isn't. A Bugatti is faster, an SLR is more practical/comfortable, and an F40 was always more visceral to drive.
  8. Faster top speed means jack shit. The F1 would still smack the shit out of many modern supercars on a track and its the most radical and Xtr33m drivers car ever made. Can your Veyron do all that AND seat three people? No. Choke on a dick.
  9. YEAh1!? Well An F1 caAR can Beaht the MclArn F1 on a track!$?!#$?!$?!:LR$%!@#$L%SDFSDFJODs;
  10. Miata overrated?
  11. I'd have an F40 over an F1 anyday. The F40 is just so pure.
  12. on a track the f1 stand no chance against a f40, veyron or SLR.
  13. I still don't get that though
  14. Ferrari 250 LM.
  15. Faster top speed was the ONLY thing the F1 ever had a claim to. The F40 always was and always will be the better drivers car. The Veyron can do all that and seat two BETTER than the F1.
  16. German cars/drivers/forummembers
  17. Because it never broke any 0-100-0 records or anything, it had terrible handling and was just plain shit.
  18. lol no, probably the best looking Ferrari ever
  20. Any records it did hold have since been broken (Bugatti), and the handling was widely criticized in its day (and now). The steering on the F1 was numb and the back was quite loose. The F40 had neither problem, and the Bugatti probably doesn't have the loose rear (though I'm not sure about the steering). The F1 isn't a bad car, but it doesn't deserve to be put on a pedestal, especially now. There are other cars that do comfortable FAST touring (Bugatti, SLR) and there are even more cars for drivers (F40, Enzo, Zonda F, Gumpert Apollo, etc). About the only thing you could argue about the F1 was its looks, though I'm not a fan of the stubby rear end - and I think the Zonda looks better, but that's way more subjective.
  21. The veyron is a plush GTish supercar while the F1 is a race car.
  22. The F1 makes a pretty poor racecar, what with its mediocre steering and soggy rear suspension. It's not even as good in that regard as the F40, which is a decade older.
  23. None of these cars are overrated. They all have their charms and are an important piece of history, with the exception of the Lexus. Stop with the endless 'concept' versions and release the damn thing, please.

    And nearly half the people who replied to this post voted for the McLaren? That really saddens me. Maybe you guys are too young.
  24. 288 GTO?

    G. T. F. O.


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