Motor Trend Names 2005 Car of the Year...........

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by BringIt, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. motor trend is probably the worst piece of paper with ink on it that you can read. You can get more car knowledge from harry potter.
  2. Well this is a big step for Chrysler.
  3. I would have wanted the Magnum RT to win but the 300C is a great choice (anyways it's the same #$%#ing car)
  4. Well the 300M won the car of the year when it first came out and now the 300C. Chrysler must know what their doing.
  5. Good choice, but there were other more desireable cars that could have got the nomination as well. I.e., the 'Vette, 'Stang, SLK, the new Jeep GC, 997, STS. I bet next year it will be either the Mustang, Corvette or maybe even the new Charger if it comes out next year.
  6. motortrend wishes they could be car and driver. trusting motortrends choices is like trusting a crackhead to not spend his paycheck on crack.
  7. Impressive front, but the rear looks like a cheap - yet better built - Skoda
  8. I do not necessarly agree with the choice, but I can see why they chose the 300C. Its an affordable near-luxury cruiser, that was bold and different on the market, with enough power and torque to make you take a second look.
  9. I'm sure the 300C beats the Toyota Prius in those categories. But that didn't stop MT from naming the Prius their car of the year last year. It's not always about performance.

    Personally, I would've gone with the Mustang or 997.
  10. Acura RL- It's a wonderful car but doesn't really bring anything innovative to the playing field... i mean, it's a spledid piece of technology, quite beautiful and well priced but in the end irrelevant for the small numbers it will sell in and the fact that it's just another entry into the mid size luxo market.
    Audi A6- not really different enough from the old A6 to be a great car. I feel the same way about the A6 as i do about the new RL. Wonderful car but not really special.
    BMW 6 Series- a car seemingly without purpose. Where is it's market? CLK buyers? Yeah right, a CLK500 is almost 20k cheaper. A CLK55 is still cheaper and faster and better looking. It's a big coupe with almost no rear space. I don't get it, personally. But it looks good.
    Buick LaCrosse- a massive inprovement and a car that actually makes sense for where Buick is headed. I know it wouldnt' win but it is a success.
    Cadillac STS- i would have guessed this was a valid candidate. A total shift from the boring old Seville, but not so far as to alienate the cadillac clientele, the STS V8 is the first truly desirable cadillac in a LONG time in my eyes.
    Chevrolet Corvette- another car i would have guessed would qualify. They've fixed everything people didn't like about the C5, and this car is just painfully gorgeous. it's a great deal, it's refined, it will be reliable, it's got a nice interior... i don't see why it didn't win, honestly. But whatever.
    Dodge Magnum- This oddball candidate didn't have a chance of winning with the 300's in there. I used to think they were cool- now i'm tired of them, and just waiting for the charger which i'm pretty sure i will like
    Ford Five Hundred- really, what does this car bring to market that anyone cares about? A 203 horsepower V6 in a full size sedan? Who are they kidding? My lord it's boring.
    Ford Mustang- cool car. car of the year? Not a chance.
    Honda Accord Hybrid- one of the best cars i've seen in a long time. 255 horsepower, 0-60 in 6.7 seconds in leather lined luxury, satellite navigation, unbeatable quality, sublime handling... and 37mpg on the highway. Wow. I would have guessed it as a winner, actually.
    Honda Odyssey- a van winning COTY? no. not even a van this good.
    Kia Amanti- it's not that great of a car.
    Kia Spectra- ditto
    Lotus Elise- splendid car but far too narrow of a niche to be COTY
    Mazda 3- not really very special
    Mercedes-Benz SLK- a nice car but it's just a rehash of an already tired idea.
    Mercury Montego- yeah right.
    Pontiac G6- crushingly dull and hardly competent.
    Porsche 911- not different enough from the 996, but then again the 996 was a splendid car.
    Saab 9-2x- interesting but not that great of a car or a deal
    Scion tC- snoooore
    Subaru Legacy- a good candidate but a bit too left field to appeal to the masses.
    Volvo S40/V50- mmm... same as the Legacy.

    i would have thought it was either the 300C, the Corvette, or the Accord Hybrid.
  11. problem is they labeled the 300 as car of the year. meaning they are including the 190hp model in that category. now horsepower should not be what breaks a car, but the 190hp model has poor acceleration for its class. not only that, but the 2.7L engine, a carry over from the intrepid, has been criticized as a poorly built and overrun engine. i know this because i considered buying an intrepid at one time and i read some reports from owners of intrepids with over 60,000 miles saying that the engine basically fell apart. now not all of them did this, but it occured often enough that i did not want to take the risk. maybe they improved the engine and fixed any problems since the intrepid.
  12. Compared to other cars in its price class it is. And the E-class aint a bad thing to run on, especially when you look at what the V8 copmtetition is.
  13. Your opinions are filled with holes, and says your a nood dispite your post count.
  14. The 300C is an awesome car, but it won just because the Fiat Panda isn't for sale in the US....
  15. I'm not so sure they're including the base 300 in that. Just like they name the Mustang as a candidate, but not specifically the Mustang GT. The Audi A6 is named. But which one? 3.2 with the V6, or 4.2 with the V8? Would that be the Ford Five Hundred that's AWD, or only the FWD version? Porsche 911...base 3.6 or 3.8 Carrera S? Dodge Magnum...SXT or R/T? Chrysler that just the 300, or the 300C, standard with AWD or 300C with AWD?
    I think they're only classifying them in the general model sense, and not by the specific trim category. The 300C is a trim level. Judging by the pictures of the specific trim levels in their preview, they chose the R/T, 911 S, and obviously the 300C.
  16. Corvette or Lotus Elise should have won.
  17. I've driven the new 300C Hemi, and I came away impressed. For a 4100 lb plus car, it moves out with authority. The Hemi makes the right, vintage "MoPar" sound when pushed, and it's quiet when driven normally. I know about that sound, my very first car was a 1971 Plymouth Road Runner with a 383. I still own a mint restored 1958 Plymouth Fury, with a Commando 350.

    I haven't driven MoPars as regular transportation for decades. During the 90's I drove Lincoln Town Cars & Mark VIII's for comfort, and I currently own a 2002 BMW M3 Cabriolet. So, I like my cars both big and small, for different purposes and reasons.

    Back to the new 300C Hemi. I looks different, which is a good thing. For years, esp during the late 80's and thru the 90's, automobiles were just so many rounded off 4 door bars of soap. I mostly like the look of the 300C, esp the sides and rear. The three quarter shot from the rear is my favorite angle. The front is growing on me, but, it's probably appropriate for the car in order to impress.

    On the downside, it's a Chrysler, and what that signals to me is questionable quality control. I WANT to believe in this car, but my tastes have graduated to Mercedes and BMW. I like the look of the new Mercedes sedans, but, the Bangle-ized BMW's are a horror show.

    The new 300C has a ride and performance typically residing in a Mercedes Sedan, with a hell of a lot more power. The idea of a Mercedes with, frankly, American Hemi "Balls" is quite seductive, esp to an old Muscle Car owner like myself. But, I'm going to wait until Spring while this new car racks up some miles and early adapters to see how it holds up to use.

    Then... maybe the SRT8 will reside in my garage.


  18. wrong choice. the vette or the stang would have been the correct choice
  19. The G35 should've been the "Car of the Year" again. I haven't seen anything more impressive yet. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  20. The G35 isn't eligble, as it isn't new or significantly changed.

    And most of you guys show off your age, in that performance seens to be the ONLY reason you use for COTY status. Well, in the real world, it's only ONE aspect of a car. Which is why the Elise could NEVER win, regardless of how cool it would be to own one. And the Corvette and 911 are let down mostly by limited roles, as well, especially when price is factored in. The Mustang GT would be a good call, for performance, quality, and all around useability. But the 300 series is a worthy winner, as it combines a return to style in the American sedan, more than adequate performance in all models, excellent quality, and a great dollar value for what you get.
  21. shoulda been the c6. . . but i expect a poor choice from the magazine that picked the tbird as car of the year in 2002 (i think it was 02, maybe 01. . .)
  22. I agree it's a pretty good choice. Most of you idiots think it should be the best performing car out right now, which is stupid.
  23. If I was a rapper like spyder I would want one.
  24. I think it was the right choice. Brings back the idea of RWD affordable sedans that DO sell.
  25. The 300c was elected car oif the year for two reasons: it has a "hemi" engine (not a real hemi) and it brings back the high performance rwd sedans from mopar

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