Motorclássico Classic Car Show in Lisbon

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    The 2007 Motorclássico classic car show will run in Lisbon from April 27 – 29. This will be the fourth time that collectors, enthusiasts and traders will have met in the capital city of Portugal. Organised on a similar basis to Retro Classics in Stuttgart, the event promises to be one to remember.

    One theme of the show is “Cars with a unique history in Portugal”, and one confirmed exhibit will be a Mercedes-Benz from the company RTP, celebrating 50 years of Mercedes-Benz shooting-brakes. Another example of this genre is the armoured version of the Chrysler Imperial, that was used briefly by the government after António de Oliveira Salazar returned to power. The car has an exciting history, having featured in a prison break-out (after its official role had ended).

    Another subject for consideration will be “Classic Cars as an Investment”. Specialist dealers and consultants, mainly from Southern Europe and the United Kingdom, will discuss the opportunities exiting in the current classic car market for long-term capital growth. And for those immediately taken with the idea, the 2007 Motorclássico will offer buyers the opportunity to view many desirable cars for sale.

    But a visit to Lisbon for Motorclássico will also give enthusiasts the chance of visiting the rest of the city, one of the most beautiful in Europe, and one that also has the famous Caramulo museum that features not only rare automobiles but works of art too. It’s one of the oldest museums in the world and an active partner of the Motorclássico event.

  2. This show is becoming quite boring this years.
  3. O da exponor s� se safa mais pq o pessoal vai para l� de classico e pq ha sempre rali

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