Murica! 2200 AWHP Saleen S7

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by 84FordMan, Sep 4, 2013.

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  2. christ. I actually like the S7. Do that dumbshit with a Mosler or Ultima.

    because that's a desired power curve for a track car....

    #$%#ing lame.
  3. Well, yeah. It looked pretty flat. Just REALLY fUcking high up there.
  4. except thats not in america, but in russia
  5. Saleens are powered by commies.
  6. Lol seems overkill in every possible way. It said it has a 10L engine with two 100mm turbos...really? As absurd a number as 2200 to 4 wheels is, it's not that much for the specs. The psychos at Nelson racing have been building motors that will run 2000hp on pump gas that are 7-8L twin turbo units.
  7. small penis car
  8. how the hell did they make it AWD?
  9. See images for details.
  10. sounds like a car I would tune in GT3 and wheelie around Super Speedway
  11. Judging from the other pics and videos, theres nothing Saleen left but the shell.
  12. I bet it can do a high-6 second quarter mile! :D

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