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  1. ... talked to this woman earlier today and she mentioned that her husband had an M car that he owned a while back. It was from the 80's and apparently only 200 were made (197 now). She also said there was something very special about the motor that even the insurance company didn't know about; was shoehorned from another model or something. 4 door, looked like an M3 body, I was thinking M5 but when she mentioned only 200 were made I didn't know what to think.

    Any ideas?
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  4. Didn't the original M5 have the engine from the M1?
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    4 door. You really are an idiot. I'm not really sure though what the answer is...
  6. She has a M5. She got her info wrong. Also, one of my teachers from school owns a 964 RS America, like 1000 or so made. Sweet.
  7. The M1 looks like an uglier copy of the DeLorean
  8. The M1 is way better looking in real life
  9. I don't know any BMW with production figures like 200 or even close to that.
  10. What was the production figure of the 507?

    Not in relation with thread, but just wanting to prove Moo wrong.
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  12. this is parked in my street....and i absolutely adore it.
  13. 412 For the roadster
    160 For the coupe

    Then, if we're on this role already anyway, and getting further and further away from the 80's

    273x Bmw 503
    139x Bmw 503 Cabriolet
  14. Nice Glas, which one's that? 2600 or 3000?
  16. The original M5 (M535i, E28) had an IL 3430cc engine. The M1 did share the engine with the 635 CSi though.

    edit: the 635CSI pre-1982 that is, because from 1982 on the 635 got the same engine as the 535. Went from 3453cc to 3430.. I think I'll have to read up a bit on it.
  17. 453 M1 were made, 388 road cars (277 Hp) , 48 Procars( 470 Hp)and 17 test vehicles.
    Schnitzer took one and managed to get a 850 Hp out of it
  18. i saw one of the m1 engines that mclaren performance developed for F1....1500hp out of a turbocharged 4 banger...and this a quite a few years back....
  19. That engine was based on the M10 4 cilinder. The M1's engine is an inline 6
  20. very fw E30 Evo2 M3's were made
  21. I think Glas pretty much doesn't exist in America. They are 100% class.
  22. there were also a couple of convertibles made by Baur
  23. I never really understood that, the Baur's looked the same the normal ones........
  24. Baur's convertibles (most of them) allow a partial roof removal (just enough to for the driver and the person on his side to be completly uncovered)

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