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Discussion in '1993 Mazda RX-7 JM1FD' started by undefined jojo, Mar 2, 2003.

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    I'm makign a website against honda and acura racers and i need some ideas for the website...could you guys please help and post some stuff against hondas and acuras? alright thanks

    you can also email me at
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    none of the stuff seems to wurk when i click on it. help plz.
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    its been close to a month now and nothing still seems to work no matter how much i click on it so i'll post one here.

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    i do agree that most hondas/acuras are just up scale go-carts, but there are some exeptions. like the s2000 and the NSX. i feel that if it is front wheel drive cars should not exist.
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    Honda as a Go Kart? no more of a LAWN MOWER! And for all you little ricin' puckz that think you V-tect iz the shit! Try to learn what makez a performance car and relize that Honda STILL dont have a clue! Yes there are alwayz exceptionz to every rule and yes the S2000 and the NSX are one of them. But I wouldn't givem them any more thought than I would with a Civic. **** ALL YOU SHIT RICIN' WANNA BE PERFORMANCE V-TEC FAGGETZ THAT THINK YOU CAN SMOKE ANY THING WITH YOUR V-TEC MOWER!
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    Someone Identify This Car

    I saw this car on but i cant figure out what kind it is, post me some help plz.
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    Not quiet sure but I would say a Honda CRX

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