Needs more tourqe.

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    OKay, go to the Z06 commerative forum and talk to them. They only post every few days, so it'll take a while, but go ahead. And while I'm at it, I'll just say, I'm almost done here for the day. So after you reply to everything else, I'll read it and maybe reply.

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    I know a guy with a Ligenfelter TT 650 ZO6, it was actaully in Corvette Quarterly last month. His car has EVERY option, driven by Evan Smith (a world record drag racer) at Englishtown in NJ it went 11.2 @ 131....DAMN QUICK....but it is set up ONLY for drag racing. If you set it up for the turns you lose the 1/4 mile time a little.
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    Okay. An Enzo will never beat a top-fuel dragster! HA,HA! Oh, well thats not a fair comparo.
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    A top fuel dragster lol. THey do 0-100 in .8 seconds, I hear what you're saying about the tunign a car, i just wouldn't pick a viper. I would pick a mustang, deck it out, put in 351W bored out to 408, those engines promise a mid 9 1/4 time, the enzo cant beat that performance, and it only cost about $7,500....but i just personaly like the mustangs, but a viper would be a good choice to tune also, as long as it's not a civic lol.

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    Dude you know how much work and money it takes to make a Mustang run 9's???? I have lots of friends with Mustangs, some have 30 grand in them and they still don't run a 9....You have to change EVERYTHING and redo ALL the suspension. Basically you have to make it a race car. And then the handling and braking, which are crappy as is, gets BAD. Anyway that was off topic lol.
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    Yes that was off the topic but it was fun, you don't really have 2 put that much money to get a mustang to run 9's (not $30K atleast) You colud take out the back seats 'n lighten it up, put int the 351W, a tremec tranny, baer breaks and some Hoosiers on it, but yes this is off the topic, and please dissagree with me, and then you need a different suspension but you can do it with like $ just really have to look for really good parts, ohh and by the way, the 3.8 mustang doesn't handle that bad....this is way off the topic but its amusing

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    A 351 wouldn't put a Mustang of any kind in the 9's dude, maybe 12's if your lucky. You would have to redo the whole thing to even get CLOSE to the 9's, and it would be just be a drag car anyway....OFF TOPIC.
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    This topic of mine is about why do European cars, porsche, ferrari, lamorghini, mostly have disproportional tourqe to their power and just overall general low tourqe?

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    That was answered on page one. They use revs, not just torque to make power. Myself as well as others already explained it.
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    Just one more thing, that 351W is bored out to a 408 and it has about 710HP, you lighten it up, it can run like a 9.7 if you just strip it down, you just need the right parts....okay im done now

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    Still won't happen. 710 bhp won't get you 9's, not even close.
    Especially in a Mustang dude.
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    THey ran a mustang with that motor and it got a 9.60
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    The yahd one woth that engine in it and it did the quarter in 9.60

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    Thats BS, sorry dude, it must have have had a 250+ shot of NOS or something big. I am a avid drag racer and I know what is/isn't possible. The laws of pchysics can tell you 710 bhp would need to be in a car weighing like 1800 lbs or less to run a 9.60. Good luck making a 3600+ pound Mustang weigh that much. My friend has a 69 Camaro with a 800 bhp 540 cid big block that has 15 in slicks and runs a 9.9 and weighs 2500 lbs. You see, i'm not being a dick, I am just telling you the facts. :)
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    No, it is possible, a 540 is a huge engine and that wieghs a lot, and a mustang weighs around 3300, the heaviest is the cobra and that weighs 3500, if you lighten it up to like 3000, stripping it down and working on the chassis it is possible. What is the gearing on your freinds car. If you put like .410's in the mustang it could run that, and if you freinds car run's 9.9's and has 800HP, he should put wider tires on it if it is juts a drag car. The times are all ing the gearing.

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    He has 4:30's. I told him and his buddies who all have drag Mustangs and they all said it would take ALOT more then that to run that time....

    This is so far off topic and stupid anyway....I hate Mustangs lol.
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    Yes it is off the topic, well if you hate mustangs then i hate you lol.
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    Okay, this car had a different engine cellui made a mistake, it had an 800HP Pentera engine and it ran a 9.60. And a V-6 mustang only wiehgs 29LBS more than the enzo, mustangs rule and some day u will no this, u were being a dick so if u sont beleive me just #$%# ur big dick

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    Holy your the bullshit queen. There never was a 800 hp Pantera, and you can't even spell it. Actually you can' t spell much of anything, but I guess thats becuase your 5 years old.
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    yes, its not the DEtamaso pantera, it's an engine just called the pantera, it does have 800HP and the car that had that motor ran a 9.6 wuater mile time.

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    Stop with the stupid lies, I checked Yahoo and Google NOTHING about it.

    And I think a IP address check is going to be called for.
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    Oiu, Vai.
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    He's not totaly wrong, its a sean hyland motor, its nicknamed the pAntera, the car ran a 9.60 with the 800HP Sean Hyland motor...please dont ban me.
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    Photon MT900 your tuning a viper to get 3.1 for cheaper arguement is messed up. theres always a faster straight line car for cheaper.

    Radical SR3: £35,250

    0-60: 3.35
    0-100: 8.00

    street legal, comes from the factory like this. this diff between the tuned viper the enzo and this? this consistantly pulls way over 2G at the Nurburgring. why spend a hundred grand on a fcking viper.


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