New Ferrari FF

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by dolinc, Jan 21, 2011.

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  2. Yes yes we get it, you have an unusually large clit
  3. For instance, the 575 is so much better looking than the 599, the newer cars just miss passion or soul, I dunno, I do not find the 612, 599, Cali as special as Ferrari's used to be. The 458 is ok, it's a great car. Sure, the FF is new and cleverly designed, but it is more a type of car that Porsche would come up with.

    Besides, the back seat of a high end Mercedes, Audi or Porsche (Panamera) looks so much more comfortable than the backseat in the FF.
  4. I agree with all of this.
  5. Truth.
  6. It looks so awkward
  7. Ferrari got #%[email protected] by Gumpert, Porsche, Spyker, Alfa, Pagani and Lamborghini.
  8. What's new from Spyker or Porsche?

    (the others, yeah, owning Ferrari left and right)
  9. well the GT versions of Aileron and 918 are pretty #$%#ing hot, but not as new or shocking as what we saw the last two days. Still beats the #$%# out of the FF.
  10. lets not forget that McLaren is also pwning Ferrari with its (boring) MP4-12C...
  11. yeah...boring...

    But I honestly do love the 458 Italia. First Ferrari I have been in love with in many years. It even sounds right again.
  12. It's odd that nobody seems excited about the Agera R...maybe because it is on a plane of automobile reality too awesome for our minds to grasp?

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  13. What planet are from?
    Comparing CONCEPT RACING CARS with an everyday usable 4 seater GT is like comparing....your brain to....a normal one
  14. because when you're looking for a "usable" daily driver, you buy a ferrari...
  15. the ferrari is a concept car as well.
  16. Impressive that my boss got to buy one then
  17. the FF is intended for production
  18. It is on the V12 production line in Maranello right now. Just started but it's there.
  19. The Agera R is awesome! It also looks very good (new for K-egg)!
  20. Why not? Why only save the best and the fun for sundays?
  21. GT-R owns this.
  22. seriously shut the #$%# up.
  23. Yeah it must be hard to service other peoples cars you'll never be able to afford. I can't blame you for being a little bitter.

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