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    My list will obviously change when I have a 360. I would add Banjio Kazooie 3 to the list and probably Forza 3. It would still be pretty heavy on Wii games though because I am enjoying some of those weird games that arent getting much press, like Elebits and Dragon Quest Swords. the thing about all of these is that they are legitimate efforts and not just throwaway shovelware. They are japanese sourced because development teams there are a lot more into Wii development (most likely due to the 4+m lead).

    1. Samba de Amigo- a fun Sega rhythm game franchise based on Mexican/Spanish music and using a set of Maracas. It was really fun on Dreamcast and the wii version retains a lot of the appeal.

    2. de Blob- a exploratory puzzle game similar to Katamari where you roll around a blob creature changing the color of various buildings to beat levels.

    3. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World- the second in the Tales of Symphonia series and a pretty easy RPg to get into. They actually motion-captured for character animations in this one.

    4. Oboro Muramasa Youtouden- an ARPg by Vanillaware, who made Odin Sphere on Ps2. The artwork in Vanillaware games is gorgeous and the gameplay is 2D.

    5. Deadly Creatures-a sort of brawler type of game where you are a spider or a scorpion fighting various creatures.You can use the wiimote to aim the spider webs at enemies and do various attacks. Its a interesting approach.

    6. Megaman 9- its an old school 8 Bit sequel to the original Megaman games on NES. Ive waited a long time for this.

    7. Mad World- Mad world is made by the developers behind Okami in collaboration with Sega and has a premise similar to Running Man being similarly ultraviolent, to the point of being hilarious.

    8. Sonic Unleashed- its sonic. This could either suck or be really fun.

    9. Little King's Story- a micromangmement sort of game like Civilization or early Warcraft games where you manage a village full of people and do all sorts of things. A bunch of guys from FF teams and and various other RPGs are working on it and its fairly high profile on the wii.

    10. Fatal Frame 4- like the 3 PS games before it, a horror series involving ghosts and your only weapon is a camera. It was one of those rare Ps2 games I actually enjoyed. The Wii version will use various pointer functions and things that should make it a bit easier to play. This series is actually pretty freaky at times and will scare the shit out of you. Also Suda51 who made Killer 7 and No More Heroes is collaborating on it.
    - a trailer from the first one on Ps2 as example
  2. As long as they've left the long range shooting as it was in Uefa 08, and sorted out the reaction times from F08, then I'll be very happy.

    I'm still happily eating up hours with mates playing F08 multiplayer.

    Oh btw, sort out the fecking servers for the online side of things, they're godawful on 08.
  3. what servers?
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  6. There's NOTHING on XBLA that looks worth buying. it's all 2d shooters and 2d fighting games and arcade ports. There aren't any 'real' games that I can name.
  7. worms alone makes xbla better than wiiware.
  8. yeah Worms does rock
  10. there is a worms game on Wii. Worms: a space Oddity is the name.
  11. nothing beats counter strike
  12. The Wii Worms was a retail game, but IIRC they messed with the controls which of course ruined the game (forget whether they made it too easy with the pointed or too hard w/ motion)

    edit -- also they dropped network play at the last minute, which is rediculious since they had that on the Dreamcast iirc!
  13. I like the worms series, so I will have to rent this one and see if its any good. GS gave it a 7/10 which is decent so it cant be that bad. Its hardly a series to shout about though.
  14. I'm still pissed that Team 17 hasn't brought Worms to the PS3 yet.

    Lemmings was great, but I'd really like Worms as well.
  15. I'm still rather surpised that so few of you own Battlefield: Bad Company. A lot of the guys on NeoGAF were fairly skeptical at first (probably much like yourselves) but virtually everybody who's purchased it has become uber-addicted, with many saying they probably won't be going back to COD4. I really think more of you should give it a shot, especially if you enjoy teamwork.

    Oh yeah, and the take-a-screenshot-in-multiplayer-mode feature is finally up and running...
  16. probably because its just another boring shooter.
  17. It's actually pretty unique in the world of console games.
  18. Everyone i know has the game, including me
  20. Stop trying to fish for bait. We all know he made a mistake. Let it go.
  21. What mistake?

    "fish for bait" lol.

    anyway, I'm asking him if it's the matchmaking server or the update server there are problems with.
  22. I thought you didn't like tactical shooters... or am I missing something. 0.o
  23. The matchmmaking servers.

    The updates always work fine, apart from the annoyance of ALWAYS having to search for updates to the squad before every match.

    But actually getting a game on F08 is a 1 in a million chance. Me and a friend tried 50 times at one point and it didn't work.
  24. It's nice but I just wish it didn't have screen shake. That really bothers me when I play a FPS game particuarly on a big screen TV.
  25. I'll get it when it's cheap, i'm not paying full price when i'm not going to touch the single player and I already have COD4 which has great single and multiplayer.

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