New Honda S2000 & NSX won't arrive until 2009

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    Honda S2000 replacement, new NSX won't arrive until 2009

    The second generation Honda S2000 and the followup to the Acura NSX won't go on sale until 2009, according to the U.K.'s WhatCar? magazine. The existing S2000 will be offered until that time, the report said. The means the S2000 will have been on the market ten years without any major changes, compared to a typical Japanese car product cycle of just five years. Meanwhile, the magazine also reports the replacement to the Acura NSX supercar has been delayed due to design difficulties, and won't arrive until 2009 as well.
  2. Holy crap... The S2k came out in 99 or so??? Doesn't seem like it's been out for so long.
  3. I thought Honda completely canceled the NSX program.
  4. They better give the new NSX some more power. That was the only thing wrong with the car really.
  5. It doesn't need more power. Not everyone's concerned with whether they can keep up with the Jones'.
  6. Two old designs finaly get a new 3 years.
  7. ...maybe
  8. People who buy a car like an NSX are. Also who wants to pay 100k(guessing at the price) for a car that can be smoked by a Charger, or Mustang, or Vette, ect that all cost less than half as much?
  9. Power isn't everything.
  10. It isn't everything but it definitely wouldn't have hurt towards the end of the car's life.
  11. No but if you're going to bill it as a supercar it should perform like a supercar.
  12. I'm not saying it should have 600HP or anything crazy. It will probably be a light car, so 4xx should suffice to keep it at least in the ballpark of where it needs to be. Do you honestly think they can get away with 3xxHP nowadays? It'd be laughed at. It got to at least be in the 400s to be taken seriously with what they're probably going to charge for it.
  13. Weren't they billing the new NSX as a 10 cylinder all wheel drive?
  14. i still think the S2000 looks hot, even though its like 7 years old
  15. NSX design difficulties? I just hope it looks good. if they change it too much then hardcore fans of the NSX will complain it doesnt hold tradition, but if there are just minor changes, people are gonna complain about waiting 7 years (-NSX was dropped in 02 rite?) for slightly facelifted NSX.
    I hope they dont skrew up the look of the S2000 either.
  16. it wasnt broke, so they didint fix it. they just made the car overall more sharper.

    there's 3 years in which to make a engine even better. watch this space,me thinks.
  17. NSX was what Cayman is now, meaning it its hardly slow and shouldnt be compared to humble towncars like Mustangs <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

    What really interests me is how well have those aluminium bits held time? NSXs are quite cheap nowadays.
  18. Tell that to the thousands of people who didn't buy an NSX precisely for that reason.
  19. Where's the 70K interior in the Z06?
  20. The Z06 is what it is. It's not supposed to have a luxurious interior. Nice interiors are NOT a requirement on super cars. Ferrari: case and point. However being fast is.
  21. He said that if it's going to be billed as supercar it should perform like a supercar.

    I say that if a car costs 70K it should have a 70K dollar car interior.

    No difference.

    The F430, the 612, and the 599 have more than nice interiors.
  22. There is a difference between a 70k sports car, and a 70k dollar luxury car. The Vette is not supposed to be a luxury car. Also many Ferraris have fairly barebones interiors, because it's more raw and hardcore that way.

    So 70k does not automatically equal nice interior, but super car does automatically mean it should be high performance.
  23. honda's have well made interiors, infact, a lot of compainies that don't build luxury cars for the most part do, why can't chevrolet and the corvette be any different?
  24. The NSX doesn't need a lot of power if it weights under 3100 lbs.
  25. 1-Is the Porsche 911 a luxury car or a sports car?
    2-Who is saying that the Corvette should have a luxury car interior?
    3-What Ferraris are you refering? the Stradale? the one that's a race-car for the road?
    4-Why supercar billing equals supercar performance but sports car billing doesn't equal sports car interior? why the double speech of some of you?

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