New LFA pics and awesome vid

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  1. Only 500 LF-As are being made, that might be the reason for the high price.
  2. exactly! dumb whites
  3. This thing is going to #$%#ing fly.
  4. Oh you took that the wrong way, I do like this car, but not because of it's badge. You're right though, even if this car fits into that price bracket performance wise and engineering wise, it doesn't really fit styling wise and badge wise. Even though I do think it looks good.
  5. I hope the quality is the reason, and not the mere quantity factor... But it seems exclusivity plays a big part.

    I'm not really into Lexus anyways so I can't really comment on the quality of their veicles lol.
  6. True, I can't wait to see one in person.
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    Sorry for the triple post..... but here's Lexus's official video

  8. wow the new playstation!
  9. very cool, but the 500 production limit and higher price suggests to me that after some further market research, they realized nobody is going to buy a 200k+ toyota, so they made it limited run so they could still claim a sellout at an even higher price. Kudos to the marketing team, and god toyota must have lost an arm and a leg on this thing.
  10. Price is way too high, but still an awesome car.
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  13. I can't stand all the stupid flame looking bits, especially at the rear of the windows.

    Brand Language Fail.
  14. Nice specs, nice technology, but 300.000 USD?!? This or a 458 Italia/LP-560 ? That's gotta be the no-brainer of the year! You could also take a GTR and save 200.000 USD...
  15. only 500 will be made.

    half of the price is exclusivity
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    Autocar drives lightly disguised production version:

    and a more detailed look:

    Lapping the new 'ring:
  17. god i love high-revving V10s... the third vid is awesome. sounds amazing inside the car
  18. ok i'm done trolling
    this thing is awesome and i love it
  19. lol it looks like a $100k car. no way in hell id pay $300k for one.
  20. 911 looks like a 20k Beetle
  21. I wish it was cheaper and direct competitor to the r8
  22. It would fit in perfectly if that was the case...

    If they didn't limit production, and set it around 150,000, I'm sure they'd sell a shyt load more.

    Nothing about this car screams 350,000, not even the 500 production units....
  23. do the words "full carbon fibre monocoque" mean anything to you?

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