New phone inside!!! WOW!!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Archaeopteryx, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. oh yeah

    new samsung GT-E1170i

    GT stands for Grand Turismo

    i can call other phones with it and send text messages (SMS) with it too

    polyphonic ringtones like a boss

    best phone
  2. colour screen? ugh
  3. 128x128 oh yeah dude, 65 000 colours!
  4. no android no care
  5. i bet the touch screen on that sucks
    how much storage space
    does it has wifi
  6. is that a real
  7. looks like those ``phones`` they sell at the stop'n'go
  8. Did they pay you to take that phone home?
  9. Not sure why people still get phones like this.smartphones are practically free and you don't have to get a data plan if you're poor or something
  10. here in u s and a theyre only subsidized if you get the data plan
  11. because they want to keep the data (information) out of the hands of the poor to keep them ompressed
  12. not much point in a smart phone without data
    plus the battery life is always terrible
  13. i prefer these phones
    i would go back to my nokia 3310 if i could
  14. Nokia 3310 was an awesome phone.
  15. thumbing your nose at society one mobile phone at a time.
  16. Lol where is the Ariel?????
  17. in the water
  18. Haha it was £13... i have pay as you go. Only staying here 4 more months and cant be bothered to get into the whole payment plan mumbo jumbo. So complic8. So nerdy. This POS phone does everything i need from it. My sony ericsson w800i is beginning to crap itself and my Nokia x3-02 won't accept the unlock code for some reason, even though i bought it over a year ago. So for now imma enjoy using this cheeky little bastard for a little while. You have a better phone than mine? I care about this.
  19. id sooner own this than some android HTC piece of shit
  20. Part of the reason battery life is terrible on 'smartphones' is the constant data connection, with that disabled you'd be surprised how much longer most these phones can last.

    And I can see tons of benefits of smartphones even without data.
  21. Well them name just half a ton
  22. if all you need to do is make calls and send msgs, then smart phones are pointless, and you're much better off getting a phone like arch got.

    I regret getting a smart phone <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A> I want to go back to normal phone.

    Therefore, I am living proof. And you cannot argue with this.
  23. Now this is a phone!
  24. All I said is that there are benefits to smart phones vs regular. Im not saying everyone will be happier with a smart phone and needs to get one.

    Chris says theres no point to a smart phone without data. I guess it depends on where you draw the line of whether or not a phone is pointless.

    Being able to install applications alone is pretty awesome. your phone becomes a very important tool and media device. Its not all angry birds and facebook, theres a lot of professional level utilities; Im always using a units converter in my classes when going from stupid english units to much easier metric units, and my gf was just telling me how they started using an iphone app to measure the flexibility of their physical therapy patients.

    And beyond that, most smartphones make damn good media players. I have had no need for a standalone mp3 player since getting a smartphone. And before I fly anywhere, I fill my phone up with hours of shit to watch.

    Furthermore, GPS pinpointing does not require data (at least not on the iphone) so although you cannot load maps via data connection, if you had the maps already saved on your device (with a thirdparty GPS app like Navigon) you can still have turn by turn navigation. While product testing android phones, I would use my simcard-less iphone as a GPS/ipod touch for months; the whole time it never had data.

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