New racing game for PS3/360/PC: Grid

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Malefic, Mar 19, 2008.

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  2. looks awesome
  3. thats the 360 version i'm sure
  4. A DBR9 drifting? (at end of trailer)

  7. GT5 will be the only racing sim for me
  8. GT5 shits all over the floor with forza 3 already
  9. Koenigsegg said they would release a racing only if they could be totally assured that you would never have a chance to play it.
  10. Thats because youre an idiot.
  11. calling GT5 a racing sim is lol.
  12. of course
  13. looks like shit.
  14. other way around mister.
  15. you know, sometimes i think you might get something right someday.
  16. anybody see the new Forza 2 DLC pack?

    13 cars including:
    F50 GT
    430 Scuderia
    MC12 Corsa
    F40 Competizione
    Evo X
    Maser GT
    E92 M3
    997 GT2
    and a few others i forgot

    pretty good pack. the Scud is awesome and nothing needs to be said about the F50 GT
  17. just watched the trailer. im def. getting this one.
  18. How much do those car/track packs cost?
  19. no modding at all, think PGR4

    but it does have d0rift0

    and D1 cars, and Touge
  20. the March car pack costs 400 MS points. i bought 500 MS points through the marketplace and it was $6.25. so whatever that equates out to 400...

    13 cars.

    i think i the december car pack was like 11 cars and it also had Road America. 400 MS points also.
  21. I'm still playing GT Legends and GTR2 for sim racers and there is a GTR3 in the making. But I'll probably get this just for fun.
  22. looks like there will be a trans-am category of racing (judging by the trans-am 'cuda)

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