New Renault Clio sport

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by trokc, May 17, 2006.

  1. i definately want one

    197hp? yes please
  2. I'll take mine orange/black.
    Atmo, 100ch/l...vavavoooooom !
  3. looks too plain...
  4. I don't like it: too big, too heavy, 215 Kph (same as old clio williams 147hp in 1993). ANd I don't belive in its "backside".
    The ultimate Clio 16v are: Clio williams and Clio 2.0l RS 182hp
  5. too tall for my taste
  6. I fuggin LOVE it.
  7. F O!

    it looks great, and I really, really want one
  8. They did a test on fifth gear no?? or was that the non sport
  9. too big
  10. Normal version, in historic Lisbon.

    BTW, I've seen it in real life, and I really like the final result
  11. I hate this gen of clios, they are too tall, too squareish in the back, and they look like nissans, not like renaults
  12. I lost my hope for the Clio when Renault released the 2nd phase of the MK2 (the first phase was rad! and so was MK1!). However, this looks pretty good again. It's like, as big as the first Megane now I guess?
  13. Well, yes, it would look goofy and too MPVish near a Grande Punto, but there's no way one can deny the general quality of the car. Besides, the general ideia in the B-Segment has been to create space, and this obviously hasn't been contributing to an improvement of design. I got the same feeling when I was near the 207
  14. you're blind aren't you?
  15. The best looking supermini on the market - bar none!
  16. bring back the clio williams!
  17. it's actually funny how all Clios phase I look good and the phase II always let me down
  18. I really really want to see a V6 for this gen.
  19. I want one in white.
  20. Yeah, preferably not developed by TWR this time. Man they were constructed shitty.

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