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  1. i enjoyed the black guy driving the focus rs. he is pretty good at presenting.
  2. I like Rory, and I like the RS. I just wish they had spent some time comparing to Golf R, STI, or S3.
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  3. do people like ken block
    i havent watched one of his videos in its entirety in a while but I liked the last one i saw
    also the cars he builds are really cool
  4. he's popular with the snapchat generation. don't really care for him much. he turned out to be a pretty shitty driver when he tried rally'ing.
  5. i was barely aware he actually raced. i wonder how much the car control skills he demonstrates in his videos translate to real racing, and I wonder how top level racers would be at some of the stunts he does
    with heavy editing and multiple passes maybe the stunts in his videos arent that impressive
  6. Yeah he didn't do too well in WRC. He's alright in World RX I think - a couple of podiums - but as expected the scandinavians have dominated. Petter Solberg has won the last two years
  7. Yeah it's not like they're done in one take. Since the first gymkhana video you've been able to see practice skid marks all over the floor. Doesn't take anything away from the impressiveness of the manouvers he can pull off, though, IMO. A top level WRC driver could probably give him a run for his money as far as stunt driving goes, and I think almost all of them would be faster than him when it comes to racing. That being said, he's still a professional racing driver so it's not like he's a bad driver. He's probably a 1%er when it comes to driving skill. It's like when people say some F1 drivers are shitty when they drive around at the back all the time - forgetting that to get into F1 in the first place they've had to fight their way through the lower ranks. Still skilled, still fast, just not fast compared to legends of the sport.
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  8. I can't believe you've done this
  9. Actually the second and third episodes weren't as bad as the first. Still not liking this Chris Evans guy. He's too shouty and doesn't seem to know much about cars. Would like to see more Chris Harris.
  10. If BBC want TG to continue after this season they need to get rid of Evans and LeBlanc.
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  12. got any cialis
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  13. this one guest introducing the other guest is still the stupidest idea anyone has ever had. I'd much rather keep evans and lose that garbage
  14. bring back tiff and make it about the cars
  15. Although tiff can drive, he's more annoying than evans imo.
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  16. Yesssssss! Chris H and Rory could run the whole damn thing. The Extra Gear with the astons was almost better than the actual show, definitely in terms of studio roll and presenter banter. Plus the Monaco lap.
  17. This. Don't force Chris Evans down everybody's throat and finally, it seems like the BBC has found reason. Harris + Rory.

    Eddie Jordan is pathetic, Sabine way too uncomfortable to be talking... and Leblanc (do not pronounce the C assholes) should be the 3rd wheel.
  18. I watched him write off a car at the SEMA rallycross. I literally was 2 feet away from him, wanting to tell him that he should retire.
  19. I like Harris and Leblanc. Harris knows and loves cars like the frontman of a car show should, and Leblanc is surprisingly amusing. He could probably do better with slightly less scriptive segments.
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  20. that new episode was meh. Harris was trying WAY too much, never seen him like this.
  21. Leblanc has gone public saying he will quit if they don't fire chris evans
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  22. Its good, there good
  23. Blomp

    Ssssooo.... are any episodes of this "new Top Gear" season worth to watch? Because the 1st one sure was shit.
  24. If you have better stuff to catch up on you wont miss having missed it, but if you run through everything they're ok in my opinion. Can definitely be cringeworthy at times though.

    Scratch that, just rewatch some old TG instead. May I recommend the hilux episode for the 7th time

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