NEW Z06 SPY PIC!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Z06nutSS405, Sep 30, 2004.

  1. Make sense.
  2. I just saw a TV show on that car yesterday or something. I thought it was the C6. maybe i'm wrong, i don't know. It was on Discovery. No, they had a thing on the new GT40 yesterday, it was the day before that they had the vette.
  3. F1LM, that was the C6 on Discovery Channel. Anyways, IF that is the new C6 ZO6 in this thread, then it's pretty cool. That's IF that is it for sure.
  4. any one intrested in designing & drawing, iam trested in drawing any sort of design only bikes and cars,
  5. How about this.

    A new saab. A coupe, like a '93 900 Sedan, but with 2 doors and a lower roofline, and a bit meaner, more agressive front facia. And don't do the new "big butt" kind of trunk. It should be similar to the old 900, but with a newer, but recognizable style. The rims should be like the old Aero rims like this. I'd draw this myself, but I suck.
  6. quote of family guy........ good shit
  7. Could this be the LS7?
  8. That thing had better be 7 liters.
  9. Well the intake manifold definatly looks much bigger.
  10. it has exhaust manifolds, don't think that'd be on an aftermarket or tuner engine,
  11. anyway, where'd that engine pic come from. the intake and exhaust manifolds certainly seem bigger, but it's tough to tell. definitly looks like an ls though
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  14. You dumbass!!!!!
  15. That's a capital offense in the U.S.

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