Next-Gen Skyline GT-R (R36 GT-R) Info

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  1. There has been info verified lately from within Nissan, some new some not... what follows is an english speakers interpretation from Holiday Auto Japan car publication.

    a) Nissan are well aware of the popularity of the GT-R outside of Japan, and are looking to make the next GT-R well and truly stand out more than previous incarnations. The "World Market GT-R" as it were... just by translating the article from Holiday Auto, you can feel that the next GT-R has truly broken away from the "old" R-series GT-Rs... (I can hear the crying and monitor bashing from here!)

    b) Porsche 911 Turbo is going down... in fact, it seems Nissan are already claiming victory (???)... such is their confidence after the Nurburgring tests. Aparently, the first test failed because some driveline hardware was faulty, but the subsequent 2 tests were successful enough for Nissan to make final descisions on the driveline: 3.2L V6 Twin electric-assisted Turbo, FR-L platform (Primary Front engine/Rear wheel drive transaxel, motor-assisted front wheel drive or "e-4WD") with Getrag 7-speed sequential gearbox.

    After much deliberation about 3.0, 3.5 and even 4.1L capacities for the VQ engine, they've decided on 3.2. The thing to bear in mind here is the Porsche 911 Turbo... it seems Nissan may want to defeat Porsche with less capacity...

    Expected final power output: 480ps @ 7,200rpm, 58.0kg/m @ 5,200rpm.

    c) Other specs of note are the "semi-wet sump" (as opposed to the dry sump originally quoted) and the aluminium spaceframe, steel cabin and bulk usage of carbon throughout.

  2. VQ engine? ... wow beating the porsche 911 turbo...
  3. "Aluminum spaceframe, steel cabin" what does that mean?
  4. How do you convert (ps) to (hp)?
  5. I'll believe it when I see it....
  6. Too bad you weren't the lucky German guy that saw the mule flying around Nurburgring.
  7. PS is about 96% hp
  8. In that case, that would put the GT-R at about 460hp, which is something I will look forward to. I've been a fan of the GT-R, the newer ones anyway.
  9. obviously all german guy have a x-ray vision and by seeing it around the track he knows what the chassis is like and what engine it is using and how much power the car is making....

    Speculation is pointless.......Just look at any of those Road & Track "Future Supercar" issue and see how many of them were actually on the money.....
  10. seems highly unlikely on all counts.
  11. If it is going to be Turbo beating performance, I doubt that it will be in the price range of all the people who worship it.
  12. And if not, it will cost infinite.
  13. Because everyone knows that mules are not just junked together older cars to test out certain new designs, but rather the actual brand new vehicle itself..
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    sounds like that has been lifted straight from
  15. I'm just happy they are making another Skyline GT-R. Not that I'll ever be able to own one. I'll just have to make do with Gran Turismo 5 when that comes out. They have to put the R36 in it (if the car is out by then).
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  17. Wow you're pretty bitter today huh? Test mules aren't junked together, and aside from the mechanicals, the mule that was spotted was in mid/late testing (testing the total workings of the newly developed systems together as a whole)... so besides the body work it was seen wearing (excluding the rear wing which will probably make it to production) that car is fairly close to what the R36 GT-R will mechanically be.
  18. The R33 "mule" that made the 7:59 run on the Nordeschliefe was the same car that was eventually released. All parts were the same, although some minor adjustments were made....
  19. Probably closer to 475.

    For every 300PS, you lose about 4 other words
    300PS~294HP. 480PS~474ish HP.
  20. Probably closer to 475.

    For every 300PS, you lose about 4 other words
    300PS~294HP. 480PS~474ish HP.
  21. 480PS = 353.039KW
    480PS = 473.4335845514282Hp So your wrong. just.

    Toyota's 400kw F1 celebration TXT will beat this.
  22. 8 hundredth's of a HP?

    I did say "ish".
  23. You saw the new mule right? It had 200 mm wider body... I wouldn't be surprised it if acheived under 8 minutes lap time seeing as Nissan has a building beside the 'ring. I'm really anticipating the new FR-L platform and aerodynamic features (undertray ala bnR34?)... they could be really nifty.
  24. I thought I read that it wasn't going to be a VQ...? Or maybe someone said it wasn't the VQ35 (which it isn't, of course).

    And Skyline? R36? I think no.
  25. Its being developed in tandem with the next generation G35, AKA V35 which willl be replaced in 2006/7 as the G36 AKA V36... understand? This is why the next GT-R will probably be Nissan R36 GT-R, or in the case of North American markets, Infiniti R36 GT-R.

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