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    By popular demand !!



    --Pay attention to the engine sounds of both cars. F360 Modena engine note sounds best from outside (like a Ferrari F-1 engine!! Damnnn!!!), and the NSX has the crispest, cleanest, symphonically melodious *honking* sound that the driver INSIDE the car gets indulge with! Now if I can only somehow 'download' 360's F-1-esque engine soundtrack into my Zanardi's C32B engine for all of the spectators to hear while keeping the honking sound it makes inside the cockpit for ME and my co-pilot to enjoy, man it would be soooo sweeet!






    *NOTE* I was one of the 30 NSX's that were out on 6-2-02 SoCal Canyon Drive. I was in the middle of the pack driving the Zanardi-see if you can spot my NSX in the clip! On the last scene we were on southbound 101 fwy near Santa Barbara doing 140MPH!! With the NSX it was a breeze!! Man We had F-U-N !!

    Please leave any comments OR complaints below.

    Enjoy !!
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    Thanks a lot! I'm always trying to find either videos or audiofiles of cars and bikes. Someone posted a short vid. of a S2000 somewhere, you sorta hear the engine, but I don't think it's redlining.

    Personally, I'd love to hear the S2000, 360, CBR954 (bike), and a BAR Honda engine all at 9000 and compare the sounds. Or at least the S2K and 360.

    R all the videos like the nsx one? That is all promos. 'Cause personally I'm only really watching them to hear the engine.

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    wow i wish i was there but i don't own a car and can't drive yet. I didn't know there was a zanardi nsx in this video. I watched this movie about 7 times before i deleted it and i would like to say i loved it made me feel like i was their with you guys. Maybe one day i will get a nsx and meet you guys in California even though the drive would take day cause i live in the other side of the united states.
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