NSX vs. ZO6 vs. 911 Turbo

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    NSX does not belong. Its better classed with the Corvette Coupe and 911 Carerra. Tough between the 911 and Z06, but I'd choose Z06 because it's managed to beat the Turbo several times and I dont like the way Porsches handle.
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    I think the Porsche 911 Turbo would win because they have extremly good handling and who ever didn't know that there a #$%#ing asshole.
    Everyone knows that Porsches have really good handling. porsche 911 turbo over Corvette Z06 anyday.
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    I said I dont like the way they handle. How does that become bad handling? The Corvette Z06 handles extremely well too, and even returns higher grip than the Porsche. Yet people still claim to not like the Corvette's handling. I fail to see where my fault is.
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    u ppl must be retarted the 1996 corvette wud whoop a nsx (which by the way is totally copying the #$%#ing corvettes style those jap #$%#s) and the 911 is just a call for help<!-- Signature -->
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    ahahhahaahhaahahahahah<!-- Signature -->
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    if you want overall speed go with the 911 turbo its o-60 is 3.9 and top speed is like 190mph but if you don't have a hundred grand and don't care that the Z06 is .1 seconds less in o-60 then by all means get the Z06!<!-- Signature -->
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    First off the NSX, though hand built is not faster than the Z06!
    its in the leug with the stock corvette.
    Secondly the handling on the ZO6 has never been called crappy
    the car is always described as having an at the edge type feel
    witch is excellent. it gives the driver a true feel of whats going on.
    you know when your pushing it their is a risk involved and that if you screw up your probably going to loose compleat control.
    as for the porsche turbo it handles excellently and has similar grip
    with good low speed road manners however you can loose control and if you skilled enough you may be able to recover. this is what really sets them apart.
    whats funny is that the older C4 corvette s handled allot like the older 911s by giving you the ability to oversteer in order to adjust to overly tight corners but due to the vetts light tail it suffered a bit more than the 911. when trying to get back up to speed the vette had quite a bit to make up for however the porsche also suffered due to the fact that it just could not take tight corners a quickly as a vette. so similarly porsche drivers would have to provoke oversteer to compensate for the lack of grip, thus slowing the porsche down. this pretty much left them with a draw.

    as far as NSX vs. ZO6 vs. 911 Turbo
    my guess
    911 first
    Z06 second
    NSX third

    it really depends on the drivers. but the Z06 or even the out gunned NSX could end up in first place.

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    bronx69, you ever done track work? No? I didn't think so.
    CHAIO :0)
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    For copying the new chevy impala copies the skyline in some ways.
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    this is another stupid comparison. the 911 is way more expensive than the other two, and would spank both around a track. and if you want a good nsx v vette then try the new shape type-r.
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    the nsx does not belong, as it would get its ass ripped open. there thats outta the way.

    overall, id take the 911 turbo any day over a z06, hands down. around a track,im sure the cars are very close. but you must factor in the non-stat factors.
    A)prestige: porsche or... chevy. hard to decide
    B)interior: from all reviews ive ever read bout the z06 they have all said that the interior looks cheap, and is stupid molded plastic. porsche interiors are very very nice(my dads 99 911 is tight), specially if you get the carbon fiber package.
    C)exterior styling: this is opinion, but id say the porsche, much more radical lookin and more up to date, the corvettew body is ageing
    D)stun factor: how many people are like dayyyyyaaaaam when they see a vette. not many, when you seea turbo you look and stare with your mouth hangin open.

    also, on a track a turbo would give a z06 a run for its money, and im guessin win. porsches are rather track freindly. also it is even a lil quicker 0-60. ive seen 3.7 and 3.8 times on a turbo several times, so dont try throwin the 0-60 at me.

    thats my 2 cents.
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    Vette handles better and it is faster no comp.
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    look guys we have a joker!
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    Please, the NSX handles better then the Vette because its an MR and so is the 911 which means more grip to the rear wheels because of the weight
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    I have seen 3 head to head track comparos with the Z06 vs the 911 Turbo, where the Z06 comes out ahead....
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    Try as I might, I've yet to see a mid-engined 911 turbo.

    I assume you also think a Fiero will "handle better" than a Vette because it's Mid-engined, right?
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    now shut up! for god sakes, the vette beats that german over price roach looking car in every aspect, and this is only 1 of the reviews. Ill whip out the other ones if you like.
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    my apologies ive read otherwise. any chance of a link?
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    [that's the test posted just above, from '01. Last year's 996TT/Haywood combo finished quicker overall than the '02 Z06/Heinricy combo, but the Z06's quickest time on the tightest road course portion of the track was still quicker than the 996TT's]

    No link to the article below (not in Automobile Magazine's archive), but you can find it in the July 2002 issue.

    It is fairly close in most tests, with 3 out of 4 head to head tests going in favor of the Z06.
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    How does a Corvette Z06 beat a 911 Turbo in every aspect?
    Why don't you learn something before talking biased shit like that?
    As fas as the topic goes, I'll take
    1 911 Turbo
    2 Z06
    3 NSX
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    Yea he never said it handeled like shit he said that the Porsce handles "differently" and it probably would.. Im sure the vette drivers cant handle how good a porsche handles :) jk.
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    That's not even in the same category

    Are you trying to say that the Vette handles better then the NSX?
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    Vette = typical American piece of garbage
    911 = fantastic piece of German engineering which is far ahead of any piece of American garbage in every aspect.

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