Nurburgring Lap Times

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  3. latest additions to the list:

    8:17 --- 149.22 km/h - Porsche Cayman S, 320 PS/1458 kg
    8:18 --- 149.92 km/h - Porsche Boxster S, 310 PS/1447 kg
    (sport auto 12/09)
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  5. Gumpert is #$%#ing amazing.
  6. latest additon to the list:

    7:42 --- 160.52 km/h - Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-2 Super Veloce, 670 PS/1764 kg (sport auto 01/10 40th anniversary edition)
  7. Thanks <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
    about Lambo and latest sport auto.... Countach Turbo S.... what is this!???!?!??!
  8. Lamborghini Countach Turbo S, one of only 2 prototypes ever made, one was scrapped and this is the only one being left.

    the 4.8-litres V12 engine is fitted with 2 turbo chargers, a steam wheel under the stearing wheel allows to adjust the turbo boost between 0.7 and 1.5 bar

    compression is reduced to 7.2:1, pistons had to be altered, 2 intercoolers and even a cooling for the exhaust are implemented

    the result is: 748 bhp at 6,500 rpm and a max. of 876 Nm of torque at 400 rpm allowing a top speed of 333 km/h, in 1st gear it reaches 120 km/h, 0-100 km/h in 3.2 secs.

    kerb weight = 1515 kg, power-to-weight ratio = 500 bhp/ton

    this very rare and widely unknown Lambo was discovred in a Ferrari collection in Denmark

  9. Disappointing

  10. any acceleration times for the LP670?
  11. Low temperatures on the lap for the SV?
  12. 0-100 km/h: 3.2 secs.
    0-160 km/h: 8.3 secs.
    0-200 km/h: 10.3 secs.

    0-200-0 km/h: 15.1 secs.

    100-0 km/h: 36.7 m
    200-0 km/h: 133.9 m / 4.8 secs.
    300-0 km/h 270 m / 6.49 secs.

    Vmax: 342 km/h
    Doettinger Hoehe: 296 km/h

    18 m slalom: 70.1 km/h
    36 m slalom: 136 km/h
    110 m evasion test: 151 km/h

    wet handling: 1:39.3 mins

    max. lat. acceleration: 1.3 g
  13. nothing said about that
  14. thanks! relatively slow 0-160 time considering its 0-100 and 0-200 times. also, it just seems sportauto doesnt get good Nring times for ANY of the murcielagos :s autocar got a 7:43 for the original murcielago, and on every other track the SV beats out almost anything short of a CGT (ie GT2, ZR1, Scuderia, GTR etc) by a good margin. I wonder what sort of time autocar can get for the SV.
  15. answer to HeyHuub and lambornima:
    Murci SV still too heavy: 1750 Kgs - 3850 lbs
  16. thats your answer to it being faster around other tracks than the ZR1, GT2 and GTR?

    at 4000 lbs and 100 hp down autocar got it to go 7:43. now with better tires, transmission, suspension, more power, less weight, better aero it goes at the same speed?
  17. ...original Murci means 6.2l 580hp? 7'43s'd be possible just with a different NRing-layout.
    This 7'42" confirms the 7'47" of LP640.....
    if this laptime'd be "fixed" (and I say IF), it'd be just few seconds, not 10-15s. Remeber the Murci is old, 2002, and itsthe direct son of Diablo....
    even so the SV does a fantastic 1'09"5 @ Hock, in your shoes... I'd be happy <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
    Question: what type of wing has this SV: small or big?
  18. When SportAuto got a 7:50 and Autocar got a 7:43 with the original Murcielago, I doubt it was because of a different layout, more like a driver thats perhaps more comfortable with this heavy awd midengined car. Im not saying the 7:42 is fixed, Im saying given this driver's murcielago times around the Nring, the 7:42 is legit. but given another driver who has proved to be more capable with this car there, then a time in the 7:30s would be possible.

    It may just be a case of the ZR1, GT2, GTR etc being built with the Nring in mind and thus on that specific track they dominate. on other tracks, it seems the LP670 is a good bit quicker.
  19. That lambo was not specifically geared for nring. Its a very capable bad ass car! With the right driver and seat time it can gain some time but its still not made with the ring in mind. I'd buy one if I had the cash. Ring times are not everything and the end time alone doesn't mean jack without the story leading up to it.
  20. How about 0-200 kph of this Countach? Or thinking about that?

    748 PS is too much, I think much more quick than the Reventon.
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    Very informative forum for cars! It really help me alot! Thanks guys.


    Farah Lewis
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  23. oh my god create a new version of this thread already.
  24. latest addition to the list:

    8:09 --- 151.66 km/h - Audi TT RS, 340 PS/1483 kg (sport auto 10/02)
  25. next:

    Mercedes E63 AMG, feb,19

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