oh hell yes

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  1. now this is one hemi that is gonna rip out the power of the jap caps or as i call them JAP RACERS if they think this car is going to die in the hall of fame they got another thing coming oh hell ya!
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    phat ass car. to bad those "ricers" as i call them aren't smart enough to get this!!
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    well of course why?

    because i said so!<!-- Signature -->
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    It has a pistol grip four speed, therefor, it wins
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    "oh yeah? well if I put $60 grand into my flimsy-4banger i could keep up with it" - your average honda dip-shit
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    Bene, perfect imitation. a lame rice-rocket couldnt touch this, more or less its big brother, the almighty '69 charger r/t with a 440 hemi, which i am surprized isnt on the list of past supercars. i really think it oughta be, dont you? we should riot till its put on! j/k.<!-- Signature -->
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    There are no 440 Hemi's. There are 426 Hemi's and 440 Magnums. Either engine will eat an import up quite nicely.
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    This is pretty fast for older standards.<!-- Signature -->
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    these mopar big blocks rule and will continue to do so.
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    Dude, imagine if there were tires back then like there are today? Man, i bet the et's would drop by about a sec and a half atleast. Sucks tire technology was so far behind. Damn these things sound great.
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    nothing sounds like a 426 hemi!
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    very good said!!!
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    on the track as well as on the drag strip the 426 hemi is king!
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    As far as Aussie muscle cars go, I've heard that the E49 R/T Charger can run 13.8 1/4s on today's tyres (as opposed to 14.4s on 70s tyres). So ETs can drop a long way.
    This car is right up there with the '70 Dodge Charger, the '72 Chrysler R/T E49 and the 365 GTC/4 in my books.
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    I just bought a Challenger R/T with a 440 6 Pack, compeltely stock engine. What do I need to put in it to make it compete?
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    just put supreme fuel unleaded gasoline, buy some good year eagle drag tires along with a set of wheels and go to the drag strip!!
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    Jackass... the car is fast for any standards. The challenger would beat a (new) vette if the challenger had a five speed.
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    may i ask what a gtc/4 is aussie guy ?
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    To the guy who bought the Challanger. Dude you dont need to add anything to that alrrady. A 440+6 Pack... you are already pushing about 400 horse. Dude just take that car out and smoke those hondas.
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    This thing would smoke an import any day, and they would'nt even stand a chance.........
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    or the GM 454.
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    well yes the 454 but the ls6 450hp version nevertheless the 426ci hemi has an impressive palmares in drag as well as in nascar something that the 454 hasn't.


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    Wide, thick tires on simple (not fancy) wheels. That and one of those pine-scented thingys to put on your rear-view, hehe.
  25. two possibilities :eek:ne is the show the other is drag strip


    as i said previously keep your car stock.Keep the original set of wheels (magnum or steel wheels with their deep dish covers and f60-15 polyglass tires) for show and buy another set of wheels american racing torque thrust2 fitted with modern tires for drag.
    good luck with your car



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