one of the most expencive Ferraris ever

Discussion in '1962 Ferrari 330 TRI/LM' started by Gemballa, Aug 10, 2002.

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    Is this car worth 5 mil? Yes, would I spend 5 mil on it? Hell NO.
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    according to, the most expensize Ferrari to 'change hands' was a 250GTO - for 7.2 million pounds, or 12 million dollars.
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    I think that it would be easier to list the ferraris that i can afford.

    There just did it.
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    This car won't be driven 30 ft. in the next 10 years unless some maniac steals it and goes on a wild police chase through some of the narrow markets of that'd be cool!!
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    hmmmm if i were a car collector .. like the sultan of brunei i would pay for this... look at it as 1st edition captain kirk (trekki people) stamp from like when the show came out( probably about 5 grand) and its just a stamp... or jimmy hendrix guitar ... over 20 thou.. and its just a guitar...
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    i understand that this car is basically a legend of many cars, yet i wouldnt buy it if i had the money. I would want a car i could actaully drive anyday i want. With this car, I wouldnt want to drive it being that I would probably be too afraid of scratching it or something, and also it would DESTROY the value of the car. Like many here, i would rather have a variety of cars such as a mcclaren LM, a F50, a new enzo ferrari, a Lambo Diablo GT, and a Bugatti and still have a sh*t load of $$$ left to buy a big house in Greenwich, CT or Palm Beach, FL.
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    you sure aint my IdoL. big L is for loser
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    Hits it on the nail, if you complaing about how much this car costs... some pictures have about lets say 3 cent paper, 23 cents worth of paint, and 20 bucks worth of wood, but for what the picture is or it's history, it can be worth alot, some things are priceless.... I wish i were nicholas cage, he owns quite a bit of Lamborghini's... from my count he has over 4 million dollors in lamborghini's.
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    This car was purchased by Jim Spiro here in New Orleans. I worked with him as an intern last summer. At that time he had a black 95 f-50, as well as a Shelby Daytona Coupe. The Daytona Coupe used to be owned Carrol Shelby himself, and was bought for $4,000,000. My boss also owned a Ferrari F-50 GT1(chassis 003).
    He frequently drove the Daytona, and it was featured on the speed vision show "My Classic Car". His purchase, and a full review of the F-50 GT1 can be seen in the cover story of Forza magazine a few years ago. He has since sold both the F-50 and F-50 GT1, as well as the Daytona.
    The 62 Le Mans car he just got was brought out to No Problem Raceway here in Louisiana for some runs on 9/23. Jim will be showing the car at the end of October in New Orleans at the 3rd Annual Louisiana Concours. So for all of those out there who thought cars like this are always garage queens, guess again.
    The coolest part is that he made about $200,000 on the sale of the Gt1, and something higher on the Daytona. It is just like being paid to drive some of the world's best!!! Too bad you have to have the cash to anty up.
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    That's really interesting, FutureOwner. I would love to have just one of those, but alas ,it is not meant to be. I guess my 1967 Chevy Camaro SS will have to do. *Note: Not my exact car.*
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    I can vouch that this car is not a trailer queen. I was just at Cracker Barrell in Slidell, Louisiana and saw this car along with the black F50 and Viper in the parking lot. A group of gentlemen (the owner and others) were having lunch and had the cars parked in the lot with us common folk.

    As they were getting ready to leave the parking lot, they pulled the 7 million dollar Ferrari up in front of the restaurant and took some pictures. A few minutes later they peeled out of the parking lot and the sound was absolute music to one's ears. The F50 and Viper were following along with a Porsche cabriolet and an SUV pulling an empty car trailer.

    When I first saw the car in the lot I had to go over and look expecting to find a VW engine under a fiberglass wannabe body. A quick look at the hood with the plexiglas insert displaying the carburetors was the first clue that this might be the real thing.

    Who is Jim Spiro? I live in Slidell and have not heard of him. Some of the more flamboyant cars you see in these parts are owned by Al Copeland or Henry Shane.

    Down Military Road a ways from where I live there's a small, non-descript neighborhood with some unpretentious homes. I happened to be driving through the neighborhood a few weeks back and glanced into the double car garage of a house that probably wouldn't cost more than $100,000. Low and behold, theres a 512 BB in the garage with a Ferrari poster on the wall. Who woulda thunk it? I was actually looking for an old Austin Healey 3000 that supposedly has been sitting in some guy's garage over there for 15 years in a state of deterioration when I ran across the Ferrari.

    I'm rebuilding a 1972 TR6 in my garage so all of these cars are well out of my price range. However, they are fun to look at...
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    exactly how many CAN you afford? :p
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    Oh he can afford 100 of them -100 of course.

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