Pics of my new Lightning

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by JESTERFIELD, Sep 5, 2004.

  1. Got the pics in today of my L
  2. Nice. I like the Lightning.
  3. Very Nice.

    *Much nicer than GM.
  4. Sweet car bro.
  5. that's my favorite series. 01 or 02? miles, how much did you pay, what's been done to it, what do you plan on doing to it, etc.
  6. I read in hotrod magazine that the lightnings can very easly get 11 second ets with minum bultons. I cant wait till the 05s come to take on the dodge.
  7. sweet car dude, i just got a 1993 red lightning and am trying to get my dad to get a second generation lightning, have tons of fun with it.
  8. nice truck
  9. do a burnout with it
  10. That would be such beast of a truck to drive around in Australia.
  11. can i ask a question??

    how much stuff do you ever put in the back of that, and do you ever take it offroad??

    (sorry, 2 questions)
  12. It's not for offroading.
  13. definitely not for offroading, but we use the bed very often. we don't put junk in it like garbage to the dump. just last week we used it to bring up my fridge and a book case, which is now full of beer.

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