Possible first spyshot of the upcoming Alfa 149

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by naranhito, Feb 14, 2006.

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    The list of possible engines [look like too much engines, but who knows]and some chops

    1.6JTS/JTSm 135/150hp
    1.9JTS/JTSm 160/175hp
    2.2JTS/JTSm 185/200hp
    3.2JTSm Q4 280/300hp
    1.6JTDm/JTDm2 120/130hp
    1.9JTDm/JTDm2 150/170hp
    1.9JTDm2 200hp

    1.6jts or 1.4turbo

    1.9jtdm twinturbo

    3.2JTS 300hp/6500rpm
    2.2JTS 200hp
    1.9JTS 175hp

  3. what a piece of dog crap.
  4. Why is Alfa so confused? The 159 and Brera have the mean 6 head ligt- face of a demon. It works well and most people like it. Why are they heading back to 8C-retro style head light now?
  5. They can't use the same styling for all their cars. Do you want another Seat?
  6. I like the way it looks on the second pic. I don't think that an uncensored utilization of the 8C's front style will fit a car such as the 149
  7. Aww hell no.
  8. Not the same styling, but the same Design DNA. Just to show that the cars are family ralated. take an MB C and and SL. Completly different, but still brother and sister. No identity crises here.
  9. No, Mercedes all look like each other, and are boring because they've been predictable looking for the last decade. Each car aimed at a different segment needs a different styling, and even when the 159 front looks awesome they just can't whore it and use it in all their line-up. Alfa has too many good designs, inspiration sources and heritage to make a line-up copying a single deisgn.

    edit: And tell me which is the last Alfa which didn't have a clear Alfa DNA.
  10. the front grill is all the DNA they need
  11. this is only coz the designer is the same
  12. and the only pic (not p shop) looks too smaller to me.. doesn't it?
  13. I meant to say that they can't let Alfa use the same front in all their cars in the same way Seat uses the same front in all their cars. This wasn't related to the link between both brands <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  14. I wrote design DNA, not Alfa DNA. The 8C or the 149 are not wrong or ugly, the are just confusing the design line.
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    Thanasis, from italiaspeed.com forums posted this:

    "I will translate you the message of a member of the Greek alfa romeo driver's club alfisti.gr. This member works for gruppo FIAT, and so far his scoops on the brera, 159, GT were always proven correct. Take that as you will, this comes with absolutely NO guarantee:

    In front there is a very deep V grille, splitting the two airducts in the bottom of the bonnet. The front lights are oval in shape, like a supercar, same typology of 8c Competizione/Ferrari, etc.
    The back lights are round and resemble strongly 8c. There is also a small spoiler incorporated in the back of the car, and generally the impression you get is that of a muscular car.
    The handles of the front door are classic, just as they are on today's 147 and the back handles are also the same as today's 147.
    In the front wing, there is a small airduct, incorporating the flashes.
    The rear windows are small and the profile of the windows, as they get thinner to the back of the car is impressive.
    The driving seat is sportier and lower, the boot space is significantly bigger, but on everything else there is not really a space difference.
    The car is slightly lower, and significantly wider. It has a wheelbase of 2.6 meters, making it a very impressive and prevailing car.


    It will be based on the compact platform of the next Fiat 198 and Delta (a platform which is a natural evolution of thh hightech dualframe Stilo platform). Of course Alfa will use an improved version with high-standard suspensions, similar to the ones of 159 (double wishbones in front, multilink in the back).


    The new 149 will be debuted in Geneva motorshow (Feb. 2007), sales begin in 2007.
    Lancia Delta will be debuted in Frankfurt motorshow (9/2007)
    Fiat 'new Stilo' Paris 2006


    The new 149 is 2 cm. lower than the 147, and around 435 cm in length.


    AWD optional in 2.2, standard in 3.2"

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  17. Because the 6 light arrangement dates the car.

    There's probably a lot of technical behind it to - accident safety and aerodynamics for environmental impact etc - generally all that fluffy bullshit that the marketing types like.

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