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  1. Took a mates R32 RB20DET in for a tune/power run. After #$%#ing around the oil return line off the turbo, it burnt through the first one ffs. It made 160kw @ 0.5 bar and then started to blow the welds out on the manifold.

    Cheap chinese shit
  2. From what I've read, if you get just 5df0, it's the pump, and if you get just 5df1, it's the module.

    Thanks for the recommendation, the only other place I had heard about prior was Eurobahn in Greensboro, I may take it to Touring Car and have them diagnosis it to make sure it's not both the pump and the module.
  3. There is also Eurowise, they specialize in BMWs/Audis, they seem to be a little too FRESH/ILL for me. Brothers Auto Service does too, but they're a little more Mercedes oriented, still is a good a shop though, they've done work on my previous 540. There is also Dynamic Auto Tune, they do a lot of BMWs.
  4. I'm thinking it's the module now, as the light went back off again this morning.

    I recently changed stores, I'm now on Sharon Amity, have you heard of anything about Import Clinic?
  5. Never heard of them, but the name sounds shitty(they're catering to all imports!), I'd go to a dedicated BMW shop. I'm pretty sure it's just your module. I had the same thing, when it was cold outside the lights would go off, once it warms up, lights back on.
  6. Went out on sales calls today in my new market and met with Import Clinic, they do all the Euro imports, but specialize in Land Rover. He was familiar with the problem (Occurs on LRs as well apparently), but no experience with BMW.

    Also met Charlotte Star Service, definitely Mercedes oriented, owner was cool and very familiar with the problem, said they could reprogram the module and that he may already have a few spare modules in his back room.
  7. ...perhaps I was wrong about Import Clinic?

    V12 Motorsports(forgot to mention them) quoted me 800$ to fix it, including programming, and they were bragging that at the dealership I'd pay more. I ended up going the Module Masters route, didn't regret it.
  8. Just get a better motor
  9. The motor is built well. Just the turbo is far too big for it, he's also getting a new manifold made up
  10. Installed the BMW Performance alcantara shift boot, shift knob and parking brake handle.
  11. Looks good. Are they the same ergonomics as the original setup?
  12. Same ergonomics, subtle design changes and using a mix of alcantara and leather with white stitching.
  13. My F150 finally met its demise. After a buddy got stuck on the side of the road, I was called and pull him out. While trying to drive back onto the road from the field/ grass area where he went off and got stuck, my truck broke through ice that was in the ditch unbeknowst to me (everything was covered in snow). It was pretty deep and the front was submerged in water and the electronics are shot. My gut sank when I heard a "glunk glunk glunk" which was the water entering the engine bay and my foot well area...

    So I'm back in the Mazda just in time for my rear sway bar to arrive. Debating if I install it this winter or just wait for when I do the suspension in the spring.

  14. Sorry to hear about the truck. Glad you didn't drown with it though!
  15. Just ordered alcantara steering wheel cover with tri-color M stitching and padding.
  16. Thanks! It wasnt serious and I thought it would drive again until a friend took a look and gave me the final word.

    I just hate driving a newer car with all this salt. Might have to look for another beater! Did you drive a fwd car in the winter with an upgraded sway bar? Im curious to know if it would be easier to control in the snow with one.

  17. I want that too, but not the tri-color stitching. Actually all I really wanted was the alcantara cover that goes over the multifunction buttons, but I have the base steering wheel and they are only available for the sport steering wheels.

    A good quality used sport steering wheel with multifunction buttons is around $500, for that, might as well go ahead and get the full alcantara steering wheel with OLED display at the top and white stitching to match the other accessories. It's $1300 though..
  18. If you do drive the 3 just make sure you've got a good undercoat on there. The RSX had a factory sway bar but that car in general was beyond horrible for winter. However, I used to drive my brothers turbo automatic '03 Lancer ES in winter (fwd), and that was a blast. It had a front and rear sway bar, enough to float a rear wheel off of a driveway. Other than the height, that thing had great traction and handled real sharp in the snow. Sharper than my brothers current '11 STI with a front swaybar. The STI is still obviously better overall, but I'd almost say the Lancer was the funner car in snow, it just wasn't as good at getting going as the awd.
  19. very nice. why automatic though
  20. because lazy american
  21. Because GM-sourced automatic has unbeatable reliability.
  22. GM sourced? Actually?
  23. Yes, the E90 came with two auto transmissions, the GM-built GA6L45R and the ZF 6HP19. The 6L45 actually sees fewer problems and higher mileages, plus it uses Dexron VI, whereas ZF requires Lifeguard 6 to be used (At $25/liter).

    It's nothing new though, BMW has been using GM built transmissions off and on since 1992.
  24. Never knew. Manuals as well?
  25. Don't think so, they typically use Getrag for their manuals.

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