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  1. At TopGear, when they showed these both 2 cars race on a straight line, the Pagani was way faster than the Murci, at the start, and also later when it reached higher speeds. But the official 0-60 times for these 2 cars are the same, so why is this ?
    Jeremy drove the Murci and said it has to start slow because it's a 4WD as oppose to the Pagani`s RWD so the clutch won't burn. So maybe he was just wrong ?
  2. I'm not sure of this, but usually, all car manufacturersare very conservative in their timings. Also, a car cannot go its fastest on every run. Maybe the Pagani had an extraordinary start or maybe the Lamborghini had a slow start due to slow response from the driver or similar.
  3. the murci can launch faster if u rev it to redline and dump the clutch it will rocket off the line with no wheelspin but if there is no wheelspin and it is deploying full torque one part of the drivetrain has to give - and launchung a murci like any 4wd car, kills the clutch and seeing as murci's are not reknowned for having the toughest clutches he let it roll a bit before flooring it to save the clutch.
  4. So according to what you said, he could have start alot faster and the car and the clutch would stay unharmed, but it would only could creat a long-term damage in the future ?
  5. The Murcie beat the Zonda around the Ring. Marginally, but it did beat it.
    The Top Gear tests are not very accurate. Especially that one...there is no way the Murcie could get beat that bad. Yes the Pagani does have better acceleration, but not by that much.
    Anyone know the "official" 0-60, 0-100, and 0-150 times for each of these amazing cars?
  6. What you said here is not actually related to my question.
    But it's also interested me, I also think that the Murcy would beat the Pagani on the truck, is it true ?
  7. Well of a line the Murcielago will take the Zonda. Due to the traction of the AWD. The Zonda's massive 750nm of torque @ 4,050 rpm mated to RWD and a light body is mad. The wheels spin like crazy.

    The Zonda does beat the Murcielago to 100. The Zonda's AMG engine smashes into action to achieve a 0-100 time of 7.4(Autocar) seconds. The Murcielago took 8.7( Road & Track)
  8. Why then on TopGear the Pagani was faster also on the line ?
  9. Jeremey's driving. As he said, trinkle it off the line then nail it or i'll cook the clutch. Not that exact wording, but you get the idea. I assume he wasn't pushing the car to it's limits.
  10. Ok, I think I sort of got the answer, thanks. If anyone have something to add, feel free to do so.
  11. In general, getting beat by a Zonda is a heck of a lot better than paying for a Lambo Clutch.....

    I am sure a lot of you have seen a AWD Skyline drag car launch with all 4 spinning, but in competition situation you can probably replace the clutch every weekend, but on a road car it'll just be stupid.....
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    Clarkson is a retard. That's why the Murci got creamed.

    Anyone who knows half a shit about drag racing knows that an AWD car's strongest point is the launch. Clarkson doesn't launch whatsoever.

    Here is a Murcielago launching. If Clarkson had done this, the Lambo would have lost by much less.
  13. Wow, not one person has mentioned the Zonda weighing nearly 1000 lbs less as a factor yet.
  14. Tiff should be in the Murc, not Clarkson

    Huh? I can't change my sig ???
  15. Yes that is true.
    Ofcouse the Murcie weighs more, but it has more than enough power to make up for it IMO. 580 BHP is pretty damn good. But the Murcie has AWD which weighs a lot, but adds handling that is pretty unbelievable from what I've heard.
    BLITZSCHNELL: EXACTLY!!! I've seen that video many times. If Jeremy did that start, it would have been a different story. Maybe Murcie would have only been a couple of feet behind. Jeremy did creep it off the the vid and you will see how slow he really did. And in a drag race that little bit of slow time he took to launch costs a lot, especially against a car that has slightly better acceleration.Im sure the owner of that Murcie didn't want them to drop the clutch though.
    Someone mentioned the Zonda has 790 (or something like that) nm of torque! HOLY SHIT!! What a beast.
  16. Clarkson isn't a retard, he just doesn't want to bust an incredibly expensive supercar.
  17. Me<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    Zonda: 750nm- 550tq!

    @ 4,050 rpm!!$^*
  18. I think the Pagani has slightly better acceleration. The Murcielago's four wheel drive makes it easier to launch, but the Zonda is much lighter.
  19. Yes...Blitz Skyline: Its a freaking beast! Man 750 nm!!!!

    F50Fanatic. The Pagani does have better straight line acceleration. There's no doubt about that. Murcie's awd would make incredible launches...but dropping the clutch is not to good for the clutch.
    But the Murcie did beat the Zonda around the ring by like 1 second which was probably due to the handling more than the acceleration (which the Zonda has the Murcie beat). Both amazing cars none the less.
  20. a second around a 7:45 lap is could have easily been gained or lost via simple error here and there....
  21. nice vipa liran
  22. The Murcielago wins overall
  23. its definately clarkson...
  24. the thing is in a launch one part of the drivetrain has to give - normally if u have more torque and power than traction the wheels will spin, if in the case of the murci you have huge torque but huge traction and will bog slighty off the line even at at full revs launch then the torque still has to go somewhere and dissipate, cause u can't have a crank spinning and the wheels not moving, something has to take that engine speed up, and 650Nm into one lambo clutch doesn't go and the clutch dies. hence he got the car rolling first. the pagani has no such worries - 750Nm verse only one set of driven wheels equals wheelspin for they let it go at less than peak revs to contain wheelspin.
  25. completely wrong. it could make the car just not work at all, immediately, if he dumped the clutch at high revs.

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