random pictures I took part 11

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  1. since all the pictures are gone.
  2. 1. money I got before leaving
    2. leaving shitty arizona
    3. 9 hour wait at lax
    4. the view out the plane window for 10 hours, never saw the sun until we landed.
  3. got to tokyo around 5:30am

    1. pokemon plane at haneda airport
    2. the only dr pepper I saw the whole time
    3. waiting for plane to hiroshima
    4. bus ride from hiroshima airport to hiroshima shudo university
  4. 2. school entrance
    3. seminar house, where I stayed
    4. my desk
  5. #3 - where I stayed
    #4 - my room
  6. homestay weekend
  7. homestay

    went bike riding
  8. homestay family shared a small farm in the middle of nowhere with a couple other families.
  9. On sunday we went out to the countryside
  10. On monday classes started up.

    class trip to the supermarket so everyone knows where it is and doesnt starve.
  11. 1. 7-11 purchase
    2. sweet litle fiat
    3. what I bought at the grocery store
    4. what I made for dinner that night
  12. 1. wend to upgarage. A used car part store
    2. mon-fri we got a free breakfast, mostly the same, but a had a different item every day.
    3. vip cars were everywhere
    4. spend money at the bookstore
  13. 1. on the empty astram, which is an elevated train
  14. on the way to miyajima

    1. old minis are popular cars here
    4. neat house

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