Rated at 4.7 liters?

Discussion in '1991 Mazda 787B' started by xero890, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. Wouldn't it be 7.8 because the rotors ignite on all three sides?
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    Nope its actually 4.7L
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    Nope, the rotors do not ignite on all three sides. Although there are two spark plugs per rotor, they fire essentially simultaneously, and only one side of the "piston" is compressing fuel at any one time (in one rotor). The reason they rated the engine at twice the actual displacement is because a normal four-stroke combustion engine produces power for 1/4 of an entire cycle, whereas the rotary engine produces power 1/2 of the time it takes to complete an entire cycle.

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    Lick these nutz, the 26B means it has a displacement of 2.6 liters and the B is Mazda's single rotor size. An A rotor is 573cc while a B rotor is 654cc. (Rotor housings included) And the rotary doesn't ignite on all 3 sides. Do some research white boy.
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    first off cock suck the guy was asking a legitimate question, no need to get shitty. second if ur gonna act like an expert at least get it right dumb #$%#. u dont have a clue how these engines work. on a piston engine u get 1 power stroke per 2 revolutions of the crankshaft. in a rotary engine u get 1 power stroke per revolution of the crankshaft (actually called the output shaft). the reason for the cunfusion is that the rotor not actually connected to the "crankshaft". it spins around it on gears as the shaft itself rotates. each turn of the output shaft produces 1/3 of a turn of the rotor (rotor has 3 faces). so each time the output shaft comes around the next face of the rotor compresses it's fuel charge and the the spark plug ignite it. the combustion moves the rotor round 1/3 of a revolution which procudes 1 full revolution of the output shaft. as the rotor turns the next rotor face compresses it's fuel charge and the cycle continues.

    to simplify for the dumbass above me, all 3 sides of the rotor have a power stroke. BUT there is only 1 power stroke per revolution of the output shaft, not 3.
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    yo whyte boi, first off, suck my nutz u #%$got ass kracker. look at my sn, 85-12A, that's the Mazda Rotary engine in play, my daily driver is an 85 RX-7. ROTARY mother #$%#er, i've owned it long enuff to kno how the engine works. I've put a lot of money into it. Broke it down and changed all apex seals, o-rings, and corner springs, and ported out the exhaust. I've done some extensive research on the history and concept of the Rotary. Trust me, i drive one everyday *****.
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    How many apex seals did you have to change? what sort were they? Wow, i never new rotaries had o'rings, u must have one of those special ones aye. BTW why did you port out the exhaust when every fool knows all the power gains come from enlarging the intake ports, then you should only consider 'porting out the exhaust'.
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    My engine's intake was already ported at 60,000 miles, fu Q whyte *****. I bought a $600 seal kit with extra clearance apex seals, i believe 3mm for my 85 12A (1156cc). My old ass rotary has 2 o-rings on each rotor, don't tell me how my engine works u #$%#in kracker, and made my own custom engine stand and did it myself kracka ass #%$got.
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    extra clearance apex seals? what sort were they? you know you don't want dem to clear heaps aye cuz, cos u loose all your go. Btw where you from boi, not from NZ aye? I used to roll in a S3 sev aye, then i upgraded to a 79 sev with a bridgey aye.
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    Bought the kit from Atkins Rotary. Installed it in my garage.
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    O, and here in the states we call them gens, not series.
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    actually, 85daddy12A is right... there are 4 rotors at 654cc each = 2616cc = 2.6l

    i also have a 79 savannah 'jtbnz' but i am still workin on mine <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>...
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    It is a 2.6 litre engine ie.4 rotors each one 650cc. ie.650cc x 4 Rotors = 2.6 litres.DUMBASS
  14. jtbnz by the way all Mazda rotary engines have orings on the rotor they are oil orings and to 85 daddy no need to be racist and for the only smart guy here (not in an offensive way) yes your right on the power stroke factor and all that but it ends up being in the high 2 liter range or 4 liter range depending on weather you go by mazda and most of the worlds calculations or you go by the piston lovers calculations to make themselves feel better for not producing as much hp per liter

    back to the oring things ive had my 3rd gen apart a couple times typically the oil ring on the rotor is reusable but it can leak causeing your side housings to typically show signs of oil burn at the bottom of the housing
    and for those of you wondering
    its a 1993 RX-7
    bridge ported
    and full port on exhaust
    T-70 turbo
    haltech e6k
    jacobs rotary pack
    real mazda speed GT-c body kit bought from mazda sports factory hiroshima (wifes from hiroshima)
    3 mm apex with doublesprings
    typically run at around 500 horse on the street give or take but on the road course track i crank the boost and change my computer map and get right stupid.
    the car has ruffly 145,000 miles on it still have the original engine that is in my wifes 1994 was a fire damaged car so swapped my engine to hers that engine has lil over 100,000 miles on it and still gets awesome power for those of you that say a rotary isnt reliable well 100k is good enough for me

    ok well my sun is done loading oracle time to get back to work! sorry for the rant
  15. ENGLISH.
    and my favorite;

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