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  1. All this from a V6

    Iv gota say, its pretty amazin that this car moves as quick as it does considering its only a V6. It'd be interesting to know what turbos are used, any ideas?????
    They should make this thing production...It'd certainly put lambo and TVR into a cold sweat........
  2. hey man i agree with you. but it would cost a fortune to buy one.
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  3. Imagine if they had been able to use the v12 they had originally wanted. Doubtful it'd affect the top speed, but maybe a little better low end torque?
  4. maybe, but turbo's tend to have lot's of torque (diesel truck are a good example)<!-- Signature -->
  5. you can buy one..dont you guys read du pont registry? they are like 300,000
  6. 680bhp from a v6 is an achievement, however the turbo flat 6 from porsche produces even more-Gemballa EVO 750 GTR, 750bhp!<!-- Signature -->
  7. it's an amazing output but i've seen beter still, the 3L TT supra engines can reach over 1000hp and skyline GT-Rs can reach 900hp from 2.6L. and it's the displacement rather than the engine layout that effects power. cause u can have from 2L(FTO) to over 4L V6's. although inline's kick their ass, go M3 and porsche engines.
  8. The engine was used in the MG Rover Metro 6R4 Group B Rally car in the 80's. It is actually a Rover V8 lump with 2 cylinders chopped off.
    In the MG 6R4 it was only 3.0 litres normally aspirated and put out about 420-450 BHP.<!-- Signature -->
  9. yes all 680bhp from this V6<!-- Signature -->
  10. V8Vantage is totally right. The engine is a chopped Rover V8 which was used in the 80's MG Rover Metro 6R4 Group B Rally car. Damn, I have to say rover makes nice engines. Even the new Lotus Elise and the limited 340R use a Rover engine.
  11. You people do realize that this car has 10 valves per cylindaer, right? THAT is why this car gets so much hp and torque. The turbos are standard Jaguar uses all of the time. Nothing terribly special, the only thing is that the engine is impressive.<!-- Signature -->
  12. This car was production back in the early 90's and you could buy one
    look up Dupont registry,it'll only set you back about 300k,lol
    Ummm anyways Of course you can get"all this from a V6" in fact you can get even more,Ever heard of a Supra,skyline any of those?
    well they get over 1000bhp from v6's and they're smaller displacement v6',lol
  13. yeah, well the v12 had 720HP (XJR-12)
  14. that was the price brand new.
    they're going for 120K-170K now
  15. there also was a 600HP 3.0 version which got banned.
    the engine, was made by Jaguar, and sold to Rover
    it is not a rover engine. Jaguar supplied the engine to the Rover racing group.
    the origin of the 3.5L v6 twin turbo engine, was made, due to the ban of the 7.0 v12 engine jaguar was producing ath the time.
    THey simply cut the displacement in half, and added turbo to copensate the lost of power. Though, they came no where near the 720HP previously achieved from the v12.
    that's also the reason why the v12 was cut, since it got banned from racing competition.
  16. Whether it's a V6 or V12 wont change the power if both engines have the same capacity and valves.
  17. well a v12 will more likely have a larger capacity, and more valves.
    to compensate the increase in cylidners.
    can we have a 3.5 V12? well, we see 3.0v10 in F-1s.
    the amount of power, and RPM, would be insane, and virtually impossble to drive in a normal road fashion.
    Don't forget this is a STREET LEGAL CAR.
  18. Quite amazing, isn't it? I could hardly belive it.

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