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    BORING !

    guess what? this is boring isn't it..heres some good cars to look at instead<IMG SRC="">

    p.s Is this a Supercar ????????????????????????????????????<!-- Signature -->

  2. the word "BORING" is absolutly key in this case. <!-- Signature -->
  3. this is not a bad car I would drive it if I owned one<!-- Signature -->
  4. *yawn* I'm sleepy<!-- Signature -->
  5. Even though i hate all Lexuses, as they are ajust expensive toyotas, (In Japan, they have the Toyota Altezza, everywhere else, there is teh Lexus IS200, and they look EXACTLY THE SAME), i have to say that this is the best looking one, although that isn't that hard to achieve. TOYOTA have done quite well here, even though most of it is just the quality engine.<!-- Signature -->
  6. pure brilliance ........... for monkeys<!-- Signature -->
  7. looks like a cromed up civic hatchback

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