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Discussion in '1998 Mazda Pettit Racing RX-7 Banzai' started by lovinrx7s, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. its so funny, it looks noting like them, and its is dobled it peformance
  2. I think he means the stripes.<!-- Signature -->
  3. still... where the hell does he get camaro
  4. and a MUSTANG!!! that is just sad to day...
  5. To Honda rulez
    your signature rulez~ couldn't agree more with you

    To Dan,

    lol, Never will a mustang or camaro (any American car company) get 410kW using a 2L displacement~, have a nice day!

    <!-- Signature -->
  6. Don't Talk Shit knows what he is talking about! DAN, however, does not!

    Really, a copy of a mustang and camaro? You gotta pick one or the other because they're two totally different cars. Furthermore, any moron that says the Japanese are trying copy an american car is clearly dumb. DAN, were you born with your head up your ass or did you do drugs to get it that way?<!-- Signature -->
  7. It amy looked similiar because Mazda has a design studio in America (as well as Japan), which they strongly try to design to appeal - eg RX-5. The designers from the japanese studio spen a month in America sampling their culture & lifestyle to help design the RX-7.
  8. mate... u r a fu**in idiot! it lookks nuttin like either... u r wrong
  9. you should be slapped for saying the beautiful RX-7 looks like a ugly ass, slow moving, waste of money, stupid ass mustang. the closest looking car to the RX-7 would be the viper dumb sh!t
  10. even then, it still doesnt look like any other car, but yes thats the closest looking car to this
  11. allright that's it. i'm sick of these #$%#ing rednecks talking about their vipers, mustangs, camaros and all other american cars. do these #$%#ing idiots not know of classes? those #$%#ing morons go and compare two totally different cars, or in this case three. what a moron, he can't see the #$%#ing awsome car for what it is and goes and says that his american cars are better. like #$%#. american cars are great i have nothing against them. it's just the #$%#ing rednecks that own them and some that don't that go around cussing out our japanese cars. allright. the day that a #$%#ing american company perfects or at least takes on the challenge of using a new or unique engine design then talk. mazda put a hell of a lot of effort into getting the rotary to how it is today [though not mazda alone but as a large scale manufacturer it was the only one who actually bothered to keep it and work with it]. so to all you japanese car cussing #$%#ing redneck morons who got nothing better to do. shut your #$%#ing mouths and go back to beating off or the other sick shit that you rednecks do. and please to all you #%$gots like the guy who made the first comment. don't have sex we don't want another generation of you #$%#ing idiots who've received your shear stupidity. the gene pool thanks you.<!-- Signature -->
  12. i have to agree wit da car god<!-- Signature -->
  13. lol,my thoughts exactly.Japanesepeople are into buiness,so theydont makemany 500bhp, V12 sportcars.They make high quality afordable cars, but they still have some historical cars, that any person has to respect.
  14. hear hear! Idiots like that definately must beat off heaps because y'r mind must be on something else 2 even think about a !@#$ing stupid idea like that one.
  15. I guarantee this car can hang or even beat a mustang and camaro, I am a huge fan of American muscle but I absolutly love the RX-7, these one of the very few respectable Ricers. I own an 87 Formula, but i gotta tip my hat to this supercar!
  16. Mustang and Camaro? Well, I do admit that like those two cars, RX-7 runs on gasolie and has four wheels, windshield, and a rear-view mirror; but that doesn't mean that RX-7 copied Mustang and Camaro. *Sarcasm*
  17. This is a RX7 forum so all you rednecks get the **ck out, go brag about your comaro's and mustangs to your hill billy friends.
    Second of all, RX7 is one of the best cars out there. A stock 1.6L rotary engine puts out 255hp/215tq. Your crappy american cars like the V6 mustang 4.6L puts out 260hp. Do you see the difference.
  18. pure stupidity... copy of the mustang and camaro... where the hell did u get that from... how does the beuatiful RX-7 look like a #$%#in slow ass mustang and a camaro that can be beat by a civic... thats just dumb... dont ever compare a great Jap car to some common mustang that can bearly hold its own agianst a civic...
  19. Yep, because your intelligent enough to know the difference. Mustang has been an American Icon since when? For how long? Yeah, tis what I thought.

    Warning: This post contains sarcasm. The Surgeon General has determined that sarcasm can cause confusion and/or bewilderment. Please do not read if you are pregnant, deranged or lack a sense of humor.

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