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  1. Snyper and Supersonic: You are both wrong. Proctor & Gambel is the largest and most lucrative company in the world. Sure, GE owns GMC, and as of January, 2002, GMC is the largest car company, but GE is not the largest company.
  2. Ford owns Volvo, land rover, aston martin, and jaguar.
    Audi owns lamborghini
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  4. you guys are all crazy!! the order of largest car companies in the world in order is: GM, Ford, DaimlerChrysler, VW, Honda, and so on and so was in a news paper article i read the other day.
    lamborghini is to VW, as Jaguar is to Ford, as Cadilac is to GM
    so who cares what the bigger company is, and lets just all come to an agreement that this car is freaking awsome!!<!-- Signature -->
  5. hell no dodge still own it and i don't think they will let it go.

  6. NOW....Audi owns Lamborghini Vw owns Audi..
    VW also owns Porsche, Seat, (Rolls Royce?/ Bentley?)
    Fiat owns Alfa, Ferrari, Maserati probably more
    Ford owns Jaguar, Mazda, Aston Martin, and Loads of american makers as well
    Renault owns Nissan

    Your partially correct, but you guys have to be more careful about how you use your words... first of all, "own" is a very strong word. In most cases in the automotive industry companies do not actually own each other. Instead they can do a number of things such as:
    1. Own large amounts of another car company's stock (such as the case with daimler chrysler and mitsubishi) this doesn't imply actual ownership, but they control large amounts of another company's money, and therefore control it (this is why dodge avengers and eagle talons all have mitsubishi engines).
    2. A company can actually own another company. As is the case with Ford Motor Company and all their car brands you mentioned above.
    3. Partnerships are a big thing right now in the automotive industry. Renault does not own Nissan; rather they have a partnership. This involves sharing design concepts and producing certain things for one another to make things more financially lucrative. (for instance, the Nissan Frontier is produced by Renault in France) Also, Toyota and GM have a partnership right now, the Matrix and the Vibe were developed together with shared information and resources. Yet, they are still produced independently of one another.

    As for who exactly "owns" Lambo... I'm still very confused about. What I do know is that there seems to be a lot of information and resources sharing between VW, Audi, Skoda, Porsche, Seat, etc. My best guess would be that neither manufacturer owns one another, rather they are owned by some large corporation that has ties with all the companies. Similar to GE and GM. If you really wanted to who owns who, I would call a stock broker and ask him/her about the European Stock Exchange. Tell them you are interested in buying stock in VW or Audi... most likely they will refer you to the parent company. Sometimes these partnerships can get really confusing. Such as the case with Subaru. Subarus are produced by a company called "Fuji Heavy Industries". Yet, Subaru has ties with both Porsche and GM (Porsche helped Subaru design their engines back in the early 90's & Subaru helped GM design their new AWD and 4WD systems in their latest line of cars and trucks). Pretty weird to say the least.
  7. First off I have never heard of GE owning GM. Second Porsche is competly independant. Porsche has family links to the VW-group. The VW- group owns lambo. Lambo was put under the Audi part of the VW-group. So Audi makes most of the decisions at lambo, but VW is in charge of Audi.
  8. From what i hear the real story here about ford and lamborghini, is that Ford is the dealership for lamborghini in North America, Ford is Lambo's agent. Ford sells Lamborghini's in America. Ford doesn't have control of anysort in other regions. Neither does ford take part in designing the new Lamborghini Murcielago. Same with volkswagen and lamborghini. Lamborghini is its own company, and it chose/requested to use audi parts, as audi is the safety rival to volvo(which means audi has one of the safest car parts). Lamborghini wanted more safety and it got the chance to use another company's part without breaking laws, saves time too. Lamborghini is something now like italdesign, just a desgning company. Volkwagen in europe is selling lamborghini.

    If volkswagen has so much power y won't it design a mixture of the porsche and lambo together. Volkswagen,audi and porsche are one company together, lambo is not. Lambo seems to have gone public company, as this creation of beauty costs too much they need help in money, too little sales thats y. Jaguar had the same problem but jaguar went down so deep in hell they had no choice but to sell, going public wouldn't save them. Ford put jaguar in a can't say no position.

    But anyway lamborghini is a desgining public company. If it really is a car company? y only 1 model? its just a desigining company like italdesign. I've never seen a dealership owned by Lamborghini. Other companies or dealership sells it. Ford sells it, not owns it.

    You can sell lamborghini in your company, but u don't own lamborghini.
  9. though im kind of still confused between the realtionships between VW and Lambo. But ford is just the dealership of Lamoghini in North America (this is the reason y ppl think ford owns it by sellin it).
  10. Oh and 1 more information lamborghini is a limited production car. Porsche isn't. If volkswagen owns lamborghini this limited thing will be gone just like porsche. Porsche was once the greatest names like a legend car, now its dropped whereas it has the same rank as corvette. A mass producting affordable exotic sports car.

    The lamborghini company produces as much as it can, but its not a fast producer and it doesn't want help from volkswagen to make lambos. Volkswagen just finances lambo and sells lambo in Europe and Asia (other regions unknown, but not in North and South America).

    Just because ford gets to fool around witht the design of jaguar doesn't mean companies are touching the desgin of lamborghini.
  11. "So You can Thank Lamborghini for the Viper (they helped develop the engine)"

    Accually, Carrol Shelby helped devolop the Viper, and the engine was taken from the new Ram engine, and bored and stroked
  12. u know what i dont really care coz the still make great CARS<!-- Signature -->
  13. well maybe you should
  14. Ok VW own lambo ( Along with Bently,Seat,Bugatti,Audi and Skoda), Porsche is independant but in the past were linked to VW by Ferdinand Porsche and his Beetle design. Ford may sell Lambo's in the states but that is their only link (they have Aston, Jag, Volvo).

    and In my Opinion the Germanic influences in teh New Lambo have been combined well with the Italian flair and have given the worl one hell of a nice automobile <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
  15. GE does own GM they collaborated way back in the early 70's at first they weren't producing nothing untill 1986 when GM and Chevy teamed up with don callaway to produce the callaway sledge hammer you know currently the fastest car in the world!!
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    Na I thinks its deawoo


  18. Wonder why so many people keep insisting that Porsche is owned by a bigger company?
    They are the only big sportscar-manufacturer still not tied in with a bigger brand, look into the 50 richest people in Europe listings and you'll find 2 persons with the slightly conspicous surname PORSCHE in there...
    They were not there 10 years ago, reason for this is that in the last 5-6 years Porsche have achieved wonders in design&efficiency, they are now the most profitable carmaker per unit in the world which have made wonders for their stocks and the PRIVATE PEOPLE who owns Porsche.
  19. You know what I have no idea who owns what now cause some of you are stupid as hell and some are smart cause you guys are saying totally opposite things. Someone has to be right and when you figure out who is tell me thanks.
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  21. It appears Lambo is doing very well under Audi; profits are up, employees are up, the new Murcielago is out, and they have a lot of people working R&D. Via la Marque!
  22. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Chiron486i</i>
    <b>It appears Lambo is doing very well under Audi; profits are up, employees are up, the new Murcielago is out, and they have a lot of people working R&D. Via la Marque!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    Audi will bring a little more 'reliability' and quality inside Lamborghinis...
    that brings the murcie closer to perfection <IMG SRC="">
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  23. NOW....Audi owns Lamborghini Vw owns Audi..
    VW also owns Porsche, Seat, (Rolls Royce?/ Bentley?)
    Fiat owns Alfa, Ferrari, Maserati probably more
    Ford owns Jaguar, Mazda, Aston Martin, and Loads of american makers as well
    Renault owns Nissan

    correction: renault and nissan have bought an equal amount of shares from each company = reanult ownes as much nissan shares as Nissan own renault shares

    and LAMBORGHINI is owned by the VW Group
  24. and Merc owns Dodge
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    Your conclusion is correct - Lamborghini is a part of the VW group - check this link:

    VW group has the following car-companies in its portifolio:
    * VW
    * Audi
    * Skoda
    * Seat
    * Lamborghini
    * Rolls Royce (BMW has bought the right to the brand)
    * Bentley
    * Bugatti

    VW is the fifth largest car manufactorer after GM, Ford, DaimlerChrysler and Toyota.

    Porsche is an independant company. Ferdinan Porsche worked for VW and designed the original Beetle, but set up his own company to design and build the 356 back in the fifties as VW didn't want to go into the sportscar business.

    Lamborghini was an old tractor manufactorer in Modena (where Ferrari has its main offices). The owner of Lamborghini wasn't satisfied with a Ferrari he had bought and Ferrari wouldn't build a car to his specifications so he build one of his own.

    That are the relationships between the companies as far as I know them.

    As for the largest companies in the world you have decide on what caracteristics that make a company the biggest - is it revenue, profits, market capatilization, number of empleyees or is it assets?

    Forbes makes list of the biggest companies in the US and worls wide:

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