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Discussion in '2002 Pontiac Grand Prix G-Force Concept' started by SRB The Punisher, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. LOL...Top Fuel Dragsters.
    Hell those things sound like contained bomb explosions =P
    Seriously, those are sound like they gonna blow =P

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  2. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from SRB The Punisher</i>
    <b>True that. But I think alot of Americans, especially the younger generation including me would prefer an engine that is small, yet powerful. Sure we all love torque amd HP, but if gaining those sacrifices light weight, handling, and reliability..then no.

    I'm not saying that V8 is bad. Hell I love the sound of the LS6 and LS1, but putting an engine like that into a family based sedan is the dumbest idea I can think of. I mean, V8 is so big, and the power is only so so, and it fills up too much of the engine compartment to actually do anything. A smaller V6 or I6 would be my preference..even a H6 engine. The reason why is that it can crank out some bad ass power with less tortional forces acting on the engine and mounting, it weighs less, and strap a turbo on, and you'll have a clean burning, low emissions, kickass, powerful killer car =)

    If you need an example..
    WRX =P
    especially the STi version =)
    Or how bout the Audi S4..has a 2.7liter biturbo. It's not even maxed out @'s quite untuned.
    I've seen VW Jetta and GTis with VR6s...2.8L that are pumping 400hp with 1 single turbo!

    Sure I love the V8s, but they are a dying breed due to high gas prices. The V8s should be made even better to put into a special breed of cars. The American and German high performance sports cars and sedans. It's not like other car companies have not proved that 6 cyls are not good enough. I mean..look @ the new 3.5L VQ engines from Nissan. The lowest output is on the new Altima 3.5SE...and the low is a 240HP!! The damned Altima out accelerates a freaking Mustang GT with a larger engine. That is not all, The Maxima with the same engine is 255hp, and the newest addition to the proud Nissan line, the 350Z has 280+HP from a NA 3.5L V6 =)
    Other examples of awesome 6 cyl is the 2.6L I6 TT from Nissan's R34 Skyline =)
    Umm..even 4 bangers like the Audi TT are getting 225HP from a turboed 1.8L engine.

    If GM can make their 4.2L I6 to a 2.0L I6 or a 3.0L I6, then do some awesome tuning..or even turbo it, then I bet a hell of alot of the ricers now would buy GM. Why? Quality, performance, and all for a low price.
    Unlike the imports...mainly ACURA RSX Type S...costs bout $38K CAD without taxes with some options. That's nasty!! At least the WRX is only $35 CAD.

    Small displacement engines is the way to go now.

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    Yeah, even though a few people prefer smaller engines, GM probably won't really switch to them because those people are not in the majority. MotorTrend's recent poll was "What do you want to see in the upcoming sportscars" or something like that. "A large displacement engine" was at the top of the list, with "small-high revving engine" somewhere at the bottom. There are a growing number of import enthusiasts (not saying everyone that likes small engines is an import lover, but that's generally what started the small engine craze) that do prefer I-4's and I-6's. One thing you must realize though... I-6s are NOT small engines. The Supra's engine is longer then the 5.0L+ American V-8's. In fact, the Supra's engine weighs about the same amount as a Chevy 5.7L, and more then a Ford 5.0L. It's length is equivalent to a 6.0L V-12-- The engine is in no way small OR light. Plus displacement is not a good way to measure engine sizes. If the engine shares the same block as another engine, they are the same size. An LS-1 that is 346ci (5.7L), will be about the same size as a stroked 422ci (7.4L). The stroked engine might be a little taller due to the crankshaft. Not to mention that pushrod engines (which the Viper and Corvette still use) are much smaller and lighter then their DOHC counterparts. The only real downfall to these engines is their lower redlines, but the massive amounts of torque make up for that.<!-- Signature -->
  3. I drive a Grand Prix. They are not bad cars, however they are not really racer and are not ment to be. I do have a friend that has a Grand Prix that pumps out about 325hp but the torque steer is a really problem. Any one got any ideas on how to really stop it?
  4. Yeah, I know how to stop it. Don't drive it. And Top Fuel dragsters ARE bombs. Bombs on wheels. If I tried to reach 325 mph in less than 5 seconds, I'd shit my pants.<!-- Signature -->
  5. LOL...becareful bout shitting you pants man =P
    some methane coming out might ignite the car =P

    Hmmm..eliminate torque steer...das a hard one. I know some people who slap on a more powerful powersteering unit. Other than idea. LSDs?

    well man..I dunno.
    I count engine by displacement size and not overall size because an engine can be a giant physically is alot smaller in displacement.
    Also..the displacement signifies the amount of reaction area that is happening, so I generally run on that factor.
    Of course the Inlines are larger insize because they have to be lined up, but it doesn't mean more reaction is taking place.

    Ok..I admit the 2.5L Bi-Turbo V-10 or V-8s on the CART cars are different, but then the pistons are so small they can reach revs of like 16000rpms =P

    Oh many factors contribute.

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  6. pontiac cars have looked ugly, (except for a select few) but this one is alittle better looking.
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  7. I sorta agree there.
    I actually liked the older Bonnevilles compared to the ones now =P
    The present ones look too much like GPs =P
    The 2001 Sunfires were ugly assed cars. The new ones are a little better.
    The GA GT looks sweet =)

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  8. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Birdboy the Brit</i>
    <b>sweet car, needs more power tho</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->y go fast when u get caught and fines doing so?
  9. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from sungjoon</i>
    <b><!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Birdboy the Brit</i>
    <b>sweet car, needs more power tho</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->y go fast when u get caught and fines doing so?</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Pontiac lost the firebird. that sucks big dick. But i mean if they gotta turn to supercharging a grand prix to make a new sports car... well thats just plane stupid. You can get fines with any car. but i mean GM isnt showing how bad they are really hurting. and buying car companies that arent worth buying, well thats what is hurting them. Suck as SUZUKI, VAUXHAULL, OPEL, EV1, HUMMER, and SAAB, and WORST OF ALL ISUZU. GM has made some big mistakes hopefully sooner rather than later they will figure this out for themselves.<!-- Signature -->
  10. It can't rain all the time, but for Pontiac it's raining...

    Looks ok, and it does say designed for comfort,
    but a V8 would have been kickass
    mor power from the V6 too<!-- Signature -->
  11. More power from the V6? Isn't 280 hp enough??<!-- Signature -->
  12. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Linchpin</i>
    <b>More power from the V6? Isn't 280 hp enough??</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    When the name of the car is g-force, you expect more out of it. And a 6-cylinder can get more out of it...<!-- Signature -->
  13. sweet car, needs more power tho<!-- Signature -->
  14. Needs more power???
    What's wrong with you guys, look at the segment of the market that the grand prix competes in, the maxima is leading in it right now with 255hp, i think the next grand prix more than has it covered. Why does it need a V8? Isn't a supercharged V6 good enough, people like it in the current grand prix, I'll bet they like it in this one.<!-- Signature -->
  15. A V-8 in a front-wheel drive vehicle? Yeah, if you LOVE torque steer. I'd say that 280 horsepower is too much as it is now. They should switch to a rear-wheel drive platform before giving it any more than this.<!-- Signature -->
  16. I agree with BP about switching to RWD if Pontiac is going to add any more power. Besides this V6 already has more HP than a Mustang GT. Pontiac better be careful with their FWD platforms or they might get a few cases of lock up in those trannys. Anyways, this car is cool. 2 door mods would also be a plus.<!-- Signature -->
  17. I can tell that you have never driven a car before. 280 hp is more than enough!!<!-- Signature -->
  18. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from vader</i>
    <b>I agree with BP about switching to RWD if Pontiac is going to add any more power. Besides this V6 already has more HP than a Mustang GT. Pontiac better be careful with their FWD platforms or they might get a few cases of lock up in those trannys. Anyways, this car is cool. 2 door mods would also be a plus.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    indeed, the current gen Grand Prix is offered as a 4dr sedan or 2dr coupe, but it seems the next gen will have to do without the coupe model, as it will be dropped due to... poor sales!
    anywayz, this car is ULTRA cool, at least to me, it means a lot to Pontiac too, as it hints at the direction of the GM division future styling: simple but agressive shapes with no overcladded- side moldings.<!-- Signature -->
  19. I can think of alot of things Pontiac could do with these, but I doubt any of them would be deemed anything less than expensive.. Although a RWD version with a V8 and a larger supercharger would be cool to see. With that much power behind the rear axle, you might want to get a tarp for the kiddies in the back...
  20. A supercharged V-8 in a Grand Prix isn't a really good idea anyway, unless they choose not to bring over the HSV GTS as the Pontiac GTO. If they were to make the Prix into more of a performer car, it'd have to compete with the BMWs, and I'm pretty sure GM will want to do that with another car, and leave this one as just a family mover.
    As for the coupe vs sedan... I really prefer the looks of the sedan... The 2 door models of the Grand Am, and Grand Prix just look awkward to me. That's just my opinion though, I'm sure there are people out there who would rather own a coupe. Actually, in most cases, I would prefer the coupe over a sedan.<!-- Signature -->
  21. This car is sweet... No mather what anyone says. It has a very stylish, sleek, dynamic look. One of the nicest concepts from Pontiac in a long time!
  22. i like it.....fukin nice family car<!-- Signature -->
  23. It's definitely better looking than the current Grand Prix. I think all that body cladding on the newer Pontiacs makes the cars look even cheaper. Then Mitsubishi took a cue from Pontiac with the cladding on the new Eclipse.... ick! Anyway, way to go Pontiac for a MUCH better-looking car!
  24. OK, I love this car. And yes Pontiac SHOULD give it RWD as that is what most people prefer, and GM has an excellent product in their hands, an inline six. I am not a fan and I never will be of V-6's. If it has less than an 8 in a Vee pattern, I don't like it. I don't even like FWD cars. If GM would learn how to make a smaller displacement inline six, they should put it in this car with the RWD formula. That would be some major Maxima ass kicking power. A V-8 is a good idea, but not until GM learns how to apply some chassis tuning to cars beside the Vette. Once that is done it could frolic with other cars such as the G35 (Skyline) over here. An I-6 in this with RWD would be my first choice over anything Nissan has to offer here.<!-- Signature -->
  25. who cares about more power, it already performs really good for a V6, now V8 RWD, that would be perfect<!-- Signature -->

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