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  1. 2 seconds a lap is a huge gap, especially in the le-mans 24 hour race.

    Just imagine 2 seconds, times the 320 laps it took audi to win last years race.
  2. We don't know what were the settings of the cars , maybe some teams have hide their "as".
  3. what were the old 'atmo', cars im not to keen on older race cars<!-- Signature -->
  4. GT40
    Ferrari 330P2 and 330P5
    ferrari 250 Testarossa and 250LM
    Jag Type C and D

    These are good examples
  5. thanks<!-- Signature -->
  6. The track change:

    1: 2002 version, after the Dunlop Bridge
    2: 1999 version, after the Dunlop Bridge

    The track now I think is actually 200+ meters longer, but one heavy braking zone was eliminated by that fast curve, so the speed actually picks up rather than decreased....<!-- Signature -->
  7. Too many pilots hace died at LM , the Chicanes are a good thing.

    The track has been modified 3 times from 1990 to today , to increase the security when a car goes out the track , and slower them.

    The section after the Dunlop bridge has been modified this year.

    Here are the modifications:

    The final result is that the whole gradient after the passage under the Dunlop footbridge has been transformed into a succession of rapid left / right turns, thus giving access both to the Chapel Curve, with a much wider radius and the “Esses” of the Tertre Rouge
  8. i think that in the 2002 race the Audi should watch out for MG, in their last test MG were only 2 secods off the pace of the audi and they are looking very good for the race.

    Go MG!!!<!-- Signature -->
  9. awww man, what have they done to it now???

    it was much better just left alone, keep it 1988-style
  10. lap record

    in practice the '02 Audi R8 set a best time just 0.3sec behind Toyota's modern-day lap record set during qualifying in the awesome GT-One (TS-020) in 1999

    of course, the old Group C 'atmo' cars lap record remains a whole 10 seconds faster than 2days cars, never to be broken me thinks

    but still, mightily impressive stuff after the rule changes that were brought in after Mercedes' crash in 1999 with Peter Dumbreck at the wheel
  11. The R8 is the current recordholder of the track at LM , for the reason that the track has been modified this year , the distance has changed.

    So the GT-One is the recordholder of the 11th length version of the track.

    The R8 is the recordholder of the 12th length version of the track.

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