Re: my geo could out run this piece of junk

Discussion in '2002 Bugatti 16/4 Veyron Preproduction' started by SIRSMACKALOT, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Hey hey hey, juz cuz some dumbass 13 year olds dint have a life doesn't mean all are like them, including me. I am pretty knowledgable about cars so don't diss all young guys, i am 13 but am already a guru.
  2. The Veyron is a piece of trash, A tweaked Viper GTS can outrun it by doing 261 MPH!!!!!
  3. This is the funniest thing i have ever read. I would wonder if sirwackalot is a comedian. That was the tightest remark i have ever read. And also that some morons actually took it seriously. That was even funnier. I liked the turtle running backwards remark too. Then he comes back with he outran the hellicopter with the vyeron. Man that was hillarious i almost broke a rib. Thanks sirsmackalot
  4. ok sirwackalot, go get a real gf so u dunt haf to wackalot nomore....geo is not a bad car for a poor homeboy like u. try comparing it to a 800,000 bugatti veyron, the 2 twin turbos, 1001hp, the torque, and the speed...the steering wheel is probably more expensive than ur geo. by the way, this car, like mentioned above, doesn't come out until 2003, and only 75 or something are being made. SHUT DA F UP and go home....stop making up new members to back ur own statements.

    By the veyron kicks ass
  5. hey a god damn geo can not beat the god of all supercars! the veyron would be almost tripling your speed befor u got to 60mph! plus u cant say you have raced it because there's only one car of the latest veyron and it hasnt gone into production yet but it will be so in other word you have raced something that hasent came out yet! idiot!
  6. he his a little pounce nob head who lick his dads ass, #$%# `im
  7. Everyone just needs to cool it. There are at least 5 people who have said that this kid is just joking but you still have to go and continue to post against him. I'm guessing it's because all of you are on some kind of power trip, and you all have to prove your genius about cars. And I'm sure that my comment isn't going to do any good just like the other people that told you to lay off the person who started this. It's pretty obvious that a geo could never come close to beat this so I think that, at most, one person should state that and then just leave it alone from there. I am about sick of all the people on this site that can't leave well-enough alone and have to keep repeating the obvious, like on this forum. If something needs to be said, it should be said once and that is it.
  8. yea, i gotta agree with that, i think ur absolutly right
  9. you guys geo's are fast
  10. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL sorry dude but ford sucks
  11. Man, all this stuff passed months ago, period.
  12. That is in line 3 cylinder beating a W16.(quad turbo) A geo's (metro) top speed is like 75 and a Bugatti can get up to that in like 4 and a half seconds.
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