Re: My Viper can smoke this peice of s***

Discussion in '2000 Honda Accord Euro R' started by The El Man, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. The S2000 has more stock horsepower for it's engine size than any other car in the world. I would like to see a S2000 engine that is the size of a viper motor. I would bet 100 bucks that it would last longer too.

    Bigger motors don't always mean better motors.
  2. Well, with displacement comes a great sacrifice to bhp/L, this wouldn't be able to perform anywhere near as well as it currently does....unless of course you made it a 16cyl (V16??? ridiculous, maybe a Flat 16...)8L engine, that could work, everything would be the same size, and thus the same rpm would be attainable, resulting in the same bhp/L but that would be a huge engine, and the mpg would be awful.....somewhere around 4mpg when pushing it....ugh....phenomenal for racing though....and just think, you may even be able to attain a bhp output of somewhere around, funny little roadster that is also a Hennessey Viper that'd be hilarious....Honda should do it, just to make fun of all the guys out there making huge engines.

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