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Discussion in '2001 Ford Falcon 300' started by FalconXR8, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Really. What models?
  2. Heh, true. Holden played DOWN their supercrapped, sorry, charged V6 in the V6. Despite it being rough as hell, it WAS better off the line once it was run in than the standard V8 in a calais, but was being sold for less, so they dumbed down all their figures. Sorry to holden peeps, but I hate that buick V6. It's gutless, we had one in my dads VS ute and I swear it was only a marginal improvement on an XF crossflow 6 in our old falcon in terms of pulling torque. Imagine if they had of kept with Nissan's RB motors and the RB turbo. Can't wait for them to get the HFV6 in the VZ, it could mean a decent holden 6 again.

    Also, the original XR6 HP in the EB(or was it ED?) was quicker than the V8 at the immediate time. This was achieved through not only fettling the straight 6 but low gearing.

    The Ford Straight 6 is a pretty versatile thing, and this new one finally has a head unit to make it a fairly tunable thing. (DOHC with VCT on intake and exhaust, 4 valve and factory turbo to a mild 0.5bar. plenty of room for improvement with aftermarket mods.) Not the best in the world but still, nice and torquey and versatile for not a lot of deniro. (Remember, other companies will spend the BA's entire makover budget on their engines.)

    What I'd like to see: Ford release a GTHO in 2005 with 360kW on board with 18x8.5" hoops up front, 18x9.5" up back, arches and agressive as hell kit with NO stupid big wing but a mild and EFFECTIVE front and rear spoiler, dual system exhaust with quad pipes, LSD, 6 speeds, Dul plate or Heavy Duty single clutch, slotted large brembos, blueprint motor and 100 released solely for claiming the 4 door performance title again. If they could regain it, finally all australian auto enthusiasts could hold their head high. Ford for doing it again and Holden for driving them to it.
    The best follow up would be for HSV to knock out that 7.0 litre ute as a production vehichle and claim fastest utility from the Ford F150 lightning. Then we could actually say Australia is getting back up there.

    But I'm just dreaming. *sigh* We can wish can't we?
  3. Yeah thats true, Motor Magazine reckon the Supercharged V6's power was more like 180kw, even to this day with the "171kw" motor. The V6 isn't gutless, it would just seem that after driving a Falcon 6 as the Falcon 6 has a fair bit more torque on board. As far as torque goes in 6cyl cars sold in Australia Falcon is 1st and Commodore is 2nd.
  4. Yes I know mate. Whats your point?
  5. The original XR6 and XR8 came with a 161kw IL6 and 165kw V8 respectively. Although the XR8 had slightly more power and a bit more torque, weight was against it and the XR6 won in outright accleration and handling.

    It wasnt until the EL XR8 with 185kw that put the V8 back on top of the Ford stable. Although the V8 started out slow, it was actually jacques Nasser that through the V8 back which now, looking at the new Quad cam 5.4L V8, was a good idea afterall.

    Lets hope that Ford never drop the V8 again. I couldnt bare to see poeple look the same as they did when the last XE ESP rolled off the production line. Was one of the darkest days in Ford Australia's History.
  6. I just thought I'd poin it out <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    Where have you been Tickford5400?? You haven't posted in a while.
  7. Sorry mate I didnt mean to be rude. Well ive been pretty busy with work, the new falcon launch and helping my mate get his friggen EA on the road.


    (11.5 400M)
  9. Re: FORD SUX

    so what it aint even made if it were it would be good, but who would pay $220,000?? would you??
  10. You are a COCK

    Is that all you know about?? How about comparing production cars????
  11. Re: You are a COCK

    ask him if he knows what VN means <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  12. Re: FORD SUX

    Do you know what VN means?
  13. Why aren't Tickford making the new BA XR6, XR8 or GT's
  14. Tickford is no more. Ford Performance Vehicles has replaced Tickford, although it is essentially only a name change.
  15. Re: FORD SUX

    If I were rich I may consider it but since this car doesnt have hardly any accessories (not even ABS!) I dont think I would.
  16. Re: FORD SUX

    VN's aren't all that bad if they've been looked after, I test drove a stack of them when I was looking to find a car.
  17. Becasue Ticfkord were purchased by Prodrive who wanted to change the name of Tickford. Ford still owned something like 49% of TVE (tickford Vehicle Engineering) but I guess it was decided that the best thing to do was to start fresh.

    I still love what Tickford have produced over their 11 year affiliation with Ford Australia, and will always have a soft spot for them. My current car is Tickford enhanced, and I love it to death.
  18. looks like a ford civic
  19. Re: FORD SUX

    my mate bought one, they're a pretty good car. well his in in good condition apart from the paint. they don't weigh too much either, he says it only weighs 1300kg, but i think it woudl be a bit more than that. i reckon probably under 1400 though. not bad power to weight for the price really.
  20. I don't know what you're on, but besides looks, this car could probably fit a civic inside it.
  21. You look like a moron
  22. VN's arent the best cars. my mates had one and the auto was #$%#ed, slipped like a ***** and would kick down. NVH levels were vey bad. A funny thing happend when he was sitting there smokin it up, the retreads he had on (yes i know retreads are bad mmkay) had a massive blowout which ripped the right rear guard (I think this is the driving wheel on non LSD).
  23. The VN isnt that bad, but yes the NVH is through the roof.

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