Re: Nice, but can't beat a corvette.

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  1. Nice, but can't beat a corvette.

    This can't beat a corvette, but it's close. The 427tt can accelerate faster than this and go just as fast to. It can do 0-60 in 1.9sec., 0-100 4.3sec., 0-150 9.2sec., 0-200mph. 12.79sec., 1/4 mile 9.2sec. @ 150mph., and a top speed of 245mph. or higher. Then there's the sledgehammer corvette it can't accelerate qite as fast, but it can go faster it can go 255mph. This is a nice car though.
  2. prestige, prestige, prestige.

    the corvettes you mentioned may well be able to match certain performance perameters, but they could never give you what this would.
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  3. The only reason that the Lingenfelter Vette is quicker than this car is because of the huge slicks on the back and the tiny drag wheels up front. Put four slicks on this car (because of the all-wheel drive) and it will blow the Vette into the weeds.
  4. ok first of all the buggati if geared properly for top speed will definatly kill the sledgehammer and even if it's not geared you barely have to do any tunning to get the veyron to go 3 mph faster to claim the top speed record! also the buggati will probably handle much better then the sledgehammer! The 427tt is a super #$%#ing modded car so i wouldn't compare it to a car that will be in production next year
  5. Excuse me, but we're talking about vehicles that are STOCK here! Not stupid Corvettes modified into funny cars. It is not a true comparison. If you take this Bugatti and modify the hell out of it to go over 300 miles per hour with a 0-60 time of .21 seconds, then you have a FAIR comparison because they were both modified. God I hate stupid people. Even if the funny car could do what you say, are you telling me you would have that over this Bugatti?! If so, then you are an even bigger idiot.
  6. Anotha poor ass white kid. DOg u on motha #$%#en crack. U compare a chevy to a buggatti. dIS IS Y yo ass is a poor white shit, driving some motha #$%#en cheap honda. Don't even say buggati and chevy in da motha #$%#en same sentince. U dum buddy, u a dum POOR white shit.
  7. OMG. Some people really dont know anything about cars.
  8. All I could understand from that, is that whoever started this is poor for comparing a bugatti. For someone who likes Bugatti so much, you'd think you'd spell it correctly.

    Good call though.
  9. I Know, Its Kinda Sad
  10. Camaro is slowly inching his way onto my DUMBASS list.
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    OK first off I want to say I own a 2001 Camaro SS and I love Corvettes. It's my dream to own a Z06 within 5 years. With that being said...Camaro, you are arguably the biggest moron I have ever had the displeasure to encounter. Did you just compare this car with a Corvette?!?!? Did I read that correctly?!? Someone please clarify! Is my pain medication too strong? #1, your specs on the 427TT appear to be completely wrong and bordering on impossible (maybe insanity). 0-60 in 1.9 seconds? Are you sure this isn't Pookey from New Jack City?! The 2001 Hennessey Venom 800 isn't even close too being that fast and it's packing just a little more ammo than the 427TT. ( All of you other times for the 427TT are completely wrong also. Here are the official stats for this awesome, but not a freaking Bugatti, supercar. If you can show me and official site with the specs you stated, then fine, I stand corrected. Also, if you own a Camaro, please sell it so people don't think all Camaro owners are that stupid.
  12. First off BadAssSS, The stats that Camaro gave was straight from this site! Also, somone said earlier that the vette had good performance only because of mods. If you examine closely you will see that the bugatti is more heavily modded than the Vette. The vette is a V8 Twin turbo as opposed to the bugatti's V16 QUAD turbo. I would expect a car that has as much engine as the bugatti to be able to blow the doors off the vette, but in this case they run almost neck and neck. I am NOT backing camaro nor the vette all I am saying is that you CAN'T compare two vehicles with radically different setups such as these!
  13. Oh my God!!! I can't beleive all these stupid Americans thinking that their stupid corvettes can match up to these cars. I did not know Bugatti made such awesome cars til I typed it in. I was amazed, but of course, there is always some moron claiming that the sledgehammeer is better, when will it stop???
  14. WHO CARES.... Its a gorgeous Bugatti. Thats it. Great engineering, great looks and its damn fast. THats it. Why compare it to anything. The vette is a vette and the veyron is veryon.And if you look at the facts, the vette does eat this thing by over a 1second in the 0-60.. And thats huge when both are sub 3.5 second cars. Either way non of us are every going to run any of these cars 252mph down a straight stretch or sit there at a drag trying to get the best times outta any of these cars. WHO CARES!!!!!!!!! they're both damned nice, and would look good on my desktop cause thats as close as i'll probably ever get.
  15. do you know what a modification is, or do you really think all corvettes come stock from detroit with twin turbo 427's? the only thing you are right about is that you cant compare these two cars because the corvette is extensively modified. by simply upping the boost on the bugatti to run at a similar boost pressure as the lingenfelter im sure that it could knock the socks off of any corvette modded or not. even if the lingenfelter was always faster i would much rather drive a bugatti, driving a lingenfelter corvette just looks like you are a dumbass hick with some money that you blew on an inferior car.
  16. Only One Contender

    There is only two real world contender for the Bugatti and that is the Mc Laren F1 and the Jaguar XJ 220
  17. Re: Only One Contender

    Ferrari F50 GT
  18. You are veeeery funny comparing Plastic&Ugly Corvette with THE GREATEST Sport Car on public roads!
  19. okay... you #$%#ing idiot ..i don't know what the hell youre smoking... that vette 427tt is fast, but i think that this car would whoop its ass and then some... YOU CAN SUCK MY DICK
  20. This car wil destroy any gay Vette and piss on it later,lol
    Awesome engine over 1000bhp stock but it needs a new front end
    this one now is just f-ugly,lol
    anyways peace, Imports Rule!
  21. Re: Only One Contender

    Also the Dauer 962 LM, Koenigsegg CC 8s. Many cars will beat this around a track too I bet.
  22. Racial discrimination could land your ass in jail. And you don't have to be white to be a fan of Corvettes.
  23. Amen to that.
  24. How can somebody so silly ??? A Bugatti with 1001 hp beat easily every other car exception the Le Mans race cars but they are specially constructed for that and then somebody how you comes and say My Corvette is the fastest car. I think youŽve got no brain to think a bit. The only car who can porsuit the Bugatti is perhaps the Mercedes SL 55 AMG Safety car or the Porsche Techart Turbo but they too are too slow with 365 km per hour. OK and next time think before you speak so big shit
  25. Who makes cars that can beat this on the track that aren't Le Mans cars? McLaren, Ferrari, Dauer, Koenig? And who makes cars that can beat this on a dragstrip? Dodge, Toyota, Lotec, Porsche? Yeah, I think those are the ones.

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