Re: No Mclaren road car has gone 231mph or 240 mph.

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  1. 240mph McLaren F1
    Shatters World Record.

    On March 31, 1998, the McLaren F1 obliterated the production road car world speed record, achieving a new official top speed of 240mph/387km’h at Germany’s VW Ehra-Lessien proving ground.

    A team of four McLaren F1 road car engineers together with Technical Director Gordon Murray ran XP5, a standard F1 road car built in 1993, for the top speed record runs. Driven by racing driver, Andy Wallace, the F1 took just one attempt to raise McLarens previously unofficial mark of 231mph set at Nardo in 1993. On the third run the car reached a phenomenal 240.1mph/386.7kmh smashing the previous record of 212mph held by a Jaguar XJ220. A team of VW technicians independently verified the record-breaking speed.

    With a 21km track consisting of two 9km straight sections and banking at either end, the Ehra facility is one of only two in the world where it is possible to attempt such speeds. While the straights stretch out into the distance the 3-lane wide circuit leaves little room for error. Driver Andy Wallace, describing the F1’s behaviour during the runs, declared - "I’m amazed at how stable it was at 240mph. The forces acting on it when you are going that quickly are not just double what they are at 100mph - it’s the square speed".

    The unique McLaren F1 road car continues to make automotive history – this century’s finest road car.

    The full story may be found in the May 1998 issue of the TAG McLaren Group Magazine "Racing Line" available exclusively to Team McLaren members.

    scott ducati you suck, i dont give a shit what magazines tested the mclaren
    this article is from
    it's been proven, the car is not modified from the roadversion
    only difference is ameritech put a rev-limiter on the U.S. cars
    240.1mph is how fast the mclaren with it<!-- Signature -->
  2. More on the McLaren F1's records

    New British Record for the McLaren F1

    BBC’s Top Gear, in conjunction with McLaren Cars, has set a new UK closed circuit record in aid of Comic Relief. Driven by Tiff Needell the standard production McLaren F1 road car sensationally set the fastest lap record of a British circuit averaging 195.3mph round the 2-mile banked circuit at Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire.

    By definition, all record breaking is a push into the unknown. Driving the F1 on a banked circuit continuously for two miles at high speed puts tremendous pressure on the suspension and road tyres. The forces acting on the car are not double what they are at 100mph – they are the square of the speed. McLaren Cars were determined that the F1 should be standard, right down to the Michelin tyres, whose pressures were increased to cope with driving round a 2 mile long corner at 200mph.

    On a cold day with ever increasing winds making conditions far from ideal Tiff Needell in the McLaren F1 totally eclipsed the previous record of 180.44mph held by journalist Colin Goodwin in a Jaguar XJ220. The F1 road car also established an all-new maximum speed for a British closed circuit of 200.8mph and the independent observers on behalf of the Guinness Book of Records authenticated the new records.

    The F1 used to break the record is XP5 the fifth and final prototype built to production specification. This remarkable car has now covered over 50,000 miles, being used for everything from marketing demonstration driving to development programmes – and of course record breaking. Last year XP5, driven by Andy Wallace, established the McLaren F1 as the world’s fastest production road car with a top speed of 240.1mph.

    This new record set by presenter Tiff Needell on Sunday February 7th 1999 will be shown in full on BBC Top Gear Thursday March 18th. The in-depth story will also be published in Racing Line, the TAG McLaren group magazine, available from Team McLaren on: 01274.771833.

    McLaren Cars Limited

    All 100 McLaren F1’s have now been built, sold and delivered. Of the 100 cars 64 were F1 road cars, five were F1 LM versions built to commemorate victory at Le Mans in 1995 and three were F1 GTs. The remaining 28 were F1 GTR race cars built for private customers competing in the FIA GT series and the 24 Heures du Mans.

    Production of the McLaren F1 road car may now have finished yet through its Customer Care Department, McLaren Cars has a total commitment to support the F1 into the future. All requisite skills and parts necessary to build or maintain an F1 still continue. McLaren Cars Customer Care division can rebuild an existing car to original standards, and tailor it to each individual customer’s personal specification.

    This is the third proving ground record set by McLaren Cars. At VW’s Ehra-Leissen track in Germany on March 31st 1998 an F1 road car (XP5) piloted by race driver Andy Wallace smashed the world speed record for a production road car on the 9km-long straight with a top speed of 240.1mph (386.7km’h).

    On December 16th 1998 the same McLaren F1, driven by Peter Taylor, an independent test and development engineer broke the high-speed circuit record at MIRA averaging 168mph round the 2.82 mile banked circuit with a maximum speed of 196.2mph.

    This new British closed circuit record set by Tiff Needell on Sunday February 7th 1999 was filmed by BBC Top Gear and will be shown in full on the first show of the season on Thursday March 18th.

    scott ducati you still suck
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    ah hahahahahahaha...scott ducati you really suck long and hard now
    i just found this on a McLaren site

    McLaren set new record - 240.1 mph !
    In April 1998, McLaren took its 5-year old F1 to Germany's Ehra-Leissen test track, after 3 runs, it set a new top speed record as 240.1mph (386.7kph) two-way average.
    That F1 is identical to any production F1, with the same side mirrors, same tyres, standard tyre pressure, same suspensions setting.... the only difference is - the 7500rpm rev limiter was disabled.

    After two runs, racing driver Andy Wallace tried seriously in the final run. The V12 rev to 7800rpm while oil temperature was still acceptable, two-way run was performed for eliminating the effect by wind and the average speed is calculated to be 240.1 mph. A new record was set !

    All the measurement was done by track's official equipments. Track officers issued a certificate to prove this, so there won't be any argument that which is the fastest car in the world.

    In 1993, McLaren set 231mph record in Italy's Nardo test track. It was recorded by themselves without third-party observers.

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    just another site i found with info on the record run and the XP5

    Scott man give it a rest, if you knew #$%# all about cars you'd see why the XP5 has faster performance numbers. See if instead of shifting at 7500rpm, say you shift at 8300rpm. Do you think yoou might get a few more mph out of that gear? Hmm take a #$%#in guess, hence the rev-limiter and hence the added performance. You obviously have a grudge against this car...and honestly i don't give a f.uck.
    The numbers are real, the car is the fastest production car ever built.
    And if you wanna know it actually can go even faster than 240.3mph, 240 is 386.7kmh. It did 391kmh, it was a calculated average of a 2 way run. So its got a couple more mph in there than 240, about 243 actually.

    You seem to keep sucking scott..<!-- Signature -->
  5. I think Scotti Ducati has lots of wisdom in the field of cars. I'm taking his side of the corner of the fight. Everyones bitching at him, and still he puts up a fight, proves them wrong, and gives more information. So the F1 goes 217 mph, what is the fasted production car?
  6. Scheiss Schwätzer!!!
    U fool...
  7. scotti ducati, your full of shit.
  8. hahahahahahahahahahh OOOOHH YEAAAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The McLaren F1 is the fastest street legal production car ever made!

    Ferrari's Enzo wont beat it in top speed and the Dauer 962 LeMans isnt a production car. Bugatti dosent seem like they will be making the 16/4 Veyron. So that leaves us with the Koenigsegg CC, which does have a chance at taking the title away, but for now the McLaren F1 still owns!!! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  9. Look, you guys can debate as much as you want, but according to McLaren, and the Guinness Book of Records, this car DID hit 240.1 mp/h. They know much better than all of you, and whether they have shammed us or not, how can you argue?
  10. Didnt you listen to the guy, the XP5 is a prototype and the fastest one of the production model F1s has gone is only 217.7mph
  11. You are a very pitiful uneducated person with an IQ of 3. You know a whole lot of nothing if you think this car sux, so....u suk.
  12. Well, dont get yourself wrong now...the Enzo was built for production and is one of the best out there...the Bugatti was built for production and is now on the road. You have heard that, right? (Arg!)
    The Koenigsegg is out there now and also one of the best...I list these as well as you did, but I reason it for that they are production road cars, which is what we should be looking at here for competition, b/c the F1 is a production roadcar...anyways, yes, as far as facts and figures show, the F1 still reigns as it is still its "time", but, the time is changing and production is advancing and new production cars are being approved for the near future that will make it harder for McLaren to compete. Bugatti has a good match with the F1 as well as the Ko.CC. Audi is coming out with a new supercar, the RSR, to match the Bugatti, in design and power. I can't wait for the RSR to hit production.

    By the way, .... I am looking for some information and pics on the Audi RSR on the net somewhere... Does anyone know where I can find it? I'd appreciate the help.
  13. Good god....You're the one that hasn't listened...
    The fasted production model has hit 231...

    Try doing some further research before you reveal your stupidity.
  14. How about this one:


    and now that I got that out, Mclaren's are tight
  15. I think u are right but I'm going to see a silver Mc Laren F1 here in Germany soon and mate I'll take a cam with me to show the rest of the worl what it means to see a Mc Laren F1 for real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Hey stupid, what's up?
    I've seen one, hell...I've even SAT IN ONE.
    Boo-ya <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  17. What are you babbling about? I have the video on my computer of that record set speed! its in the guiness book your moron.
  18. Yeah right!-This is the legal road car except the rev. limiter is what!!!!
    Every Mc Laren F1 standart is able to reach a topspeed of minimum 380km/h...and if the conditions are that good it even could go over 390km/h!!!!
    Thats the true fact!!!!!
  19. Did the McLarens come stock from the factory with removed rev limiters, no. That's modifying. Same as if I was to strip a Camaro down to 2000 pounds and try to count the 10 second 1/4 mile as an official time.
  20. I would like to point out that the Dauer is a production car, as they will be continuing production within or year or so.
  21. Are u insane????
  22. i have a mclaren f1 production car... i got it to 240
  23. Oh come on, you know the guy that started this just did it to get everyone all riled up don't you? The people that read up on the McLaren's performance know the truth. As for hemisuperbird guy, he is another one of those that think they have something they don't. He has to tell himself these things to make himself feel special.
  24. OK I'm going to straighten some things out, ok a few, ok fine one thing I need to straighten out, the guy who thinks the McLaren F1 cant hit 240 mp/h, is a fonny a big fat fony...(who likes cheese).
    I have 800 videos of the Mclaren F1 taring across the track, and at the end they would show on a dash board the time it to took to get there, its acceleration, speed all those stupid facts, it proved that shit head wrong, so who ever wants to say anything against me, you can kiss my ass, of course that will make you all the more excited to reply, on account you like to kiss assess, mens assess.

    peece out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. I have good karma, so i give this thread a +1<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

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