Re: please some one tell me top speed 0-60 times any info on thi

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  1. please some one tell me top speed 0-60 times any info on this ca

    please tell me any info you know on this great car

    p.s does any 1 know how 2 get a mazda az-1 on gt2 on play station please plaese tell me any info. (i can't seem to get one of them)
  2. 0-60 around 2.7secs
    0-100 around 5secs
    and a top speed of around 244mph
    those are just estimates
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  3. You just keep checking the used cars in mazda.<!-- Signature -->
  4. The top speed probably isn't that high. Same goes for the acceleration. I'd guess it's closer to:

    0-60: 3.5
    0-100: 6.8
    Top Speed: The top speed is probably the same as the normal F1 because of the gearing limitations. 221 mph sounds about right.<!-- Signature -->
  5. i read something
    7.7 to 100mph

    for sure it is the slowest accelerating mclaren, but it has the
    best aerodynamics.
  6. well, if the McLaren F1(original edition) can hit 245.1, then with reduced drag, the F1 GT will probably hit atleast 250.
  7. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from mclarenf1man88</i>
    <b>well, if the McLaren F1(original edition) can hit 245.1, then with reduced drag, the F1 GT will probably hit atleast 250. </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    It does not have reduced drag over a normal F1 it has reduced drag over the LM. Also it has the same gear ratios as a normal F1 so it would be limited to around 240.
  8. exactly how many f1's, f1 gt's & LM's were made?<!-- Signature -->
  9. 64 F1's, 3 GT's, 5 LM's <!-- Signature -->
  10. GT2 hint: if you cant find it in the mazda section you probably have to when a certain race to get it. go to,click on psone games, find and click gt2 in the window, click on hints (its a tab near the top of ur screen). look for cheats hints codes etc. or go to and look for info there.
    PS: do you have a ps2 and GT3? if so a mitsubishi vr4 tt with stage one or two turbo kits will make an excellent car.
  11. The top speed for this car is probably 221 mph.<!-- Signature -->
  12. Elise S2, you know nothing.

    The McLaren F1 GT does not have the same gear ratios as the original F1. The F1 GT has it's gear ratios tuned for peak acceleration, and maximum top speed. I'm looking at the official McLaren F1 book right now. With the tuned gear ratios, the F1 Gt hits 0-60 in 3.1 sec, 0-100 in 4.9 sec, takes a little while to hit the top speed, and then hits 250 mph. These are all estimates, but they come from the official book! Thank you, peace out.
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  15. I am looking at the new road and track mag, and it has the stats for it in here... you have to look kinda close at it though (page 60 for those of you who are disbelivers)

    F1 ~ 0 - 60 3.34
    The new ferrari Enzo 0 - 60 3.28

    The king has passed it's torch on to the next gerneration...

    i wish they put the enzo here...
  16. 0-60 in 3.34? you're a dumbass. Thats for the Saleen S7!!!!
    Regarding the road and track 0-60 time for the mclaren f1 being 3.4 seconds, that was the crappy amerithech version that was recalled;it no longer exists. The real stats of the Mclaren F1 are:

    0-60:3.1 sec.
    0-100:6.3 sec.
    1/4 mile:11.0@138 mph.(done by caranddriver)
    Top speed:240.1 mph.

    F1 LM:
    1/4 mile:?
    Top speed:?

    If you dont know what you're talking about shut the hell up and stay out of these forums.
  17. That is also the ameritch version. Like I said before it was recalled.
  18. Prove your words and give the two links!Coz I don't believe u!
    I saw a test with the Enzo and they clocked it at 3,55 secs!
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  20. The koenigsegg cc can beat this very easy hehe....i love my country(sweden )

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